Summer Of Glitter, Glam and Love!!

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And so, the North American leg of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour comes to an end. I was  lucky to attend one last show in Saint Petersburg, Florida on September 18th. My husband and I flew down for the weekend (!), and had the pleasure of seeing Adam perform at Tropicana Field. It was my husband’s first chance to see Adam perform live. At the end of the show he declared Adam to be the best vocalist he ever heard!!!

The concert started after a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game (which went into overtime!). I had scoped out the venue during the game so I could find out where to line up for the concert. The venue sold wristbands to anyone who wanted to watch the concert from the field itself (others could watch from the stands). For everyone with wristbands, it was general admission, and being first in line meant closest to the stage. We were told we could line up during the 7th inning of the game. I made sure I was there at the end of the 6th inning, to ensure a good spot. Once the seventh inning started, it was pretty much bedlam in the lineup area downstairs!!! There was lots of pushing and shoving- very intense. Fortunately I, got pushed to pretty much the head of the line! There I met some awesome other fans (hi Nik!), and we settled in to wait for our entry on to the field. My husband joined me in line a bit later (the other fans around me were gracious enough to let him in).

The game went into overtime (ugh!!), but then it was time to go on to the field to position ourselves for the show. I was told I had to run to get a good spot. I removed my heals, braced myself, and when it was time, sprinted out to the field, Nik running ahead and my husband next to me. I haven’t run that fast that far for a looong time!! But we made it (ending up about seven rows back from the stage…what I do for Adam…!). You can kind of get an idea of what it was like from this picture (courtesy of jieshrek66):

Allison Iraheta performed first, and then Adam hit the stage!! The show was spectacular as always. Not sure how Adam does it night after night. His voice was strong and pure, and the crowd of about 30,000 (including those who remained in their seats in the stands) went wild!! I was able to capture two videos: Sure Fire Winners and the encore, 20th Century Boy. Enjoy!!

Wow, what a show. I gotta tell ya, this last concert was just as good (if not better) than the first I experienced, where Adam absolutely blew me away!! A big thanks to him, the band, and his crew for entertaining us so incredibly all summer!!!

I was fortunate to have yet ANOTHER encounter with Adam by the buses after the show that night. He looked adorable, with sunglasses, a light blue shirt and jeans. I grabbed his hand to tell him I was sorry about what he was going through (paparazzi, etc). He grabbed my hand back, and said he was so over it, that the police weren’t pressing charges, and it was all good!!

So that’s it, GlamFans. I’m truly glad I was able share my summer of glitter, glam and love with you!! Adam’s off to foreign lands, where he’ll continue to keep us entertained…yes, it’s all good!!



Top picture credited to . Click on the link for more!! Adam at the buses picture credited to Click on the link for even more great photos!


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Greetings, GlamFans! The video of the poolside Meet and Greet with Adam Lambert in Providence I attended on August 17th is finally up!! A lot of the interview and questions were edited out, but you can see part of it here:

 Heehee- I’m sure my friend Sue has Adam saying her name in the interview as a ringtone on her phone (or something like that- hmm, Sue??).  Check out the rest of the ProFm site with pictures and videos from the show that night at Lupos:

Adam performed in Albany on August 23rd. Find videos of that show from TALC Vids at Can you just feel the energy????

So glad to see Adam visiting the offices today! What a great charity he supports, and the reason I got my second meet and greet with him! As you probably know, helps schools by raising money for much-needed equipment not standardly provided by school districts. Adam and his fans have raised nearly $316,000 for this cause!  Go to the web page blog to see more about his visit:      And find some great pics of Adam and the kids here:

I had my second meet and greet with Adam last week  at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis on  August 19th before the show there. Here’s what happened:

Upon entering the venue, we were ushered back stage behind the buses where we were greeted by Neil (truly a sweetheart!). Adam came out moments later and looked HOT in a feathered hat, dark jeans and a gray t-shirt. I kind of hung back and watched him greet the other fans, knowing that as soon as we met him we had to leave. I wanted to stay there as long as possible! He was so nice to everyone, patient as they shared a picture, a story or just wanted a hug. Soon it was my turn!

I walked up and introduced myself, telling him we met the other day at the pool party. He said that he remembered me(!!). We talked about his “tongue diving” incident in Providence: he said that once he does something like that, people tend to expect it, but that he wouldn’t be doing that regularly! I told him I got it on film, and I had posted it on my blog, and he said he thought he saw it here (hi, Adam!)!!!!!

I told him I was there because of (my friend Sue and I raised almost $2000 at our Glamfest before the Foxwoods show in June), and what a great charity it was. He seemed pleased to hear that.

I slipped him a note I had written, we had our picture taken, I asked for a hug (mmmmmm), and that was it!! He smelled and felt yummy. It was a moment I’ll treasure always. I was amazingly calm (I hear he has that effect on a lot of his fans who meet him). He seemed like a really nice, regular guy. Amazing, considering what he can do to us once he’s on stage!!

I feel really content now, almost serene. Everything going on around me: work, kids, the general chaos of life, really doesn’t phase me at this point. I thank Adam for that. Life is really good….#becauseofAdamLambert!!!

Big Hugs,


Glam Groupie!

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Hello GlamFans!!

Just got back from an AMAZING week following Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation tour around New England! I met Adam for a SECOND time at a meet and greet in Hyannis before the show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent there. I was able to speak to him for a bit longer this time. He was gracious, kind and patient with me as I gushed and flailed!! More about that in my next post!

But first I want to share some great videos I was able to get at the Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on August 21st. The venue was down and dirty (just the way we like ’em for general admission shows), and I had a spot dead center stage in the second row!! Enjoy!

Ring Of Fire


The last gorgeous minute of Soaked:



And finally, a SPECTACULAR 20th Century Boy!!

UNBELIEVABLE!! Thanks so much to Adam, his band and crew…and to my amazing husband for holding down the fort with love and patience while I indulged in my “groupie tour” this week!! I am truly blessed…

You can find a lot of my tweeted pictures from all three shows at .




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Hello GlamFans!! So excited to post and report that I finally met ADAM LAMBERTTTTT!!! Here’s the scoop:

Several friends won tickets to a meet and greet (sponsored by radio station 92 ProFM in Providence) at Aqua, a poolside restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. Adam was scheduled to perform later that evening at a club called Lupos. I had reservations to stay at the hotel where the pool party meet and greet was being held, so I offered to drive my friends over to the event. I figured I would settle into my room and perhaps get a glimpse of Mr. Lambert as a bonus!! I dropped my friends off, and kind of hung around, hoping to see Adam as he entered the pool area (yes I know, kind of stalkerish!!). As it turns out I got VERY lucky when a kind, compassionate radio station employee graciously saw me sitting there (I had asked if there were any extra tickets to the event earlier and was told no) and allowed me to enter the event…I was going to meet ADAM LAMBERT!!!

My friends (already settled and waiting for Adam to arrive) squealed as I entered the pool area; I  promptly burst into tears! I couldn’t believe this was happening!! We all waited excitedly for the man of the hour, and when he finally arrived to our delight he took a seat about ten feet away from us!!! He looked absolutely gorgeous- much younger than I expected. He was quite casual with a bit of makeup (including his signature black eyeliner- THUD!).

The radio station DJ began by asking Adam some of her own questions, he answered questions from the audience, and then we got to have our picture taken with him!!! When it was my turn I steeled myself, shook his hand (he smelled yummy!!!), told him about my blog, (clumsily handing him a couple of my blog business cards. *Hi Adam, if you’re lurking!!!*). He thanked me, I put my arm around him (and he put his around MEEEE)! Check out our pic together below:

Find the rest of the ProFM pictures here: The experience was the thrill of a lifetime. I won’t ever forget the kindness of the radio station, and Adam- sooo sweet!!!!

Later that evening, Mr. Lambert put on the show of a lifetime…the man was ON FIRE!! There were lots of boys in the front row, and I had a feeling it was going to be epic! I’m going to share one video with you, GlamFans (brace yourselves!). Some of you have probably seen other versions of this song, but I had a unique perspective from my viewpoint in the theater. I give you: 20th Century Boy!!!!

After the concert I spoke to both fans Adam kissed and got their pictures. The boy’s name was Eric, and the girl’s name was Erica!!! See their pics below (heehee!)!

Top picture from

Check out some of my pictures from the show at And please GlamFans, follow me on Twitter at Lots more pics, news, info etc about Adam tweeted throughout the day!!

Next stop: Hyannis- can’t wait!!!

Glitter Hugs!


Adam Lambert: It’s Showbiz, Honey!!

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Hello GlamFans!

Haven’t blogged in a while (two weeks to be exact). My beautiful mother-in law passed away August 1st, and I needed to take a break for a while. I dedicate this post to her…among her many amazing qualities, she loved to dance to wonderful music, and even in her last days, thought highly of Adam Lambert!! I will miss her dearly…

On with today’s post. Adam did tons of interviews this past week. Here are a few of them:

And if you didn’t see the live stream of Adam’s interview with Q102, you can find parts 1-3 here: Also, pictures from the interview can be found at

So many amazing photos of Adam came out this week, from both pros and regular fans. The TALC ladies are known for their amazing pics and videos. Go to for some great photos (including the one above). LightLoveAdam has been to a few shows on the Glam Nation tour recently and always takes gorgeous shots:

Pro shots from Jane Bush (A.MAZ.ING!!): 

Celebrity Gossip Center has some paparazzi shots of Adam signing autographs for fans: 

And from Just Jared, some more paparazzi shots:

Pics from Adam’s interview at Z104.3:

Blog This Mom writes so wonderfully about her meeting Adam (for the 3rd time!!). Find the link here:– hysterical!! Also, check out this interview from Fest Blog’s  Lehigh Valley Music:

Find some awesome Glam Nation Tour videos at and from TALC: and of course SUZ526:

Well, that’s it for now. Please follow me on Twitter at as I tweet up to the minute info about Adam throughout the day (yeah I know, I’m obsessed!!)!

Please also consider donating to our giving page at your donations go to a very good cause, and would make Adam (and me!) very proud!

Glitter Hugs!!


Adam Lambert: “It” Boy!!

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Mark and Mercedes from Mix 104.1 in Las Vegas interviewed Adam Lambert July 30th! Here’s the link:

This next one was posted on AO- Adam in Switzerland:

And it looks like our BB is the subject of a new episode of  E: True Hollywood Story! Check this out from San Diego (courtesy of sexynarwhal on Twitpic):

Mustthinkagain on Twitpic has some incredible shots of Adam and the band from Adam’s San Diego concert on July 30th (including the one above). Find them here:

Here’s a podcast of an interview on 104.3 San Diego:

If you can’t get enough of Adam’s Glam Nation tour videos, go to for more of the latest!!!

And finally, a “shy” pic of Adam hanging out with his friends on his day off!!



Rhinestone Rocker!

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Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour hit Costa Mesa, California July 27th. Adam sang for his fans, his friends and his family at this show! Go here for some great close up videos from the concert:

Yahoo Music’s Lyndsey Parker had yet another epic interview with Adam backstage before the show:

Amazing pics from Costa Mesa: and

And news away from the tour, here’s an article about Adam with an interesting perspective, giving some background information about him I hadn’t known before (including a lot of information about Adam from his father, Eber) 

Adam was also just featured in up!,,20405317,00.html#20813234

And I leave you with this bit of glittery fun, GlamFans!



A Speck ‘A Blue Glitter!

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Adam Lambert appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show July 27th! He spoke about life on the tour bus, being chased by a dedicated  drag queen fan, loose glitter, If I Had You, his passionate fans, the Orange County Fair, and took a question from a 10 year old fan. He also said he’ll be writing some more music for his second album in the fall (we heard that from another interview you can find here:, and told us about his key to happiness!! 

Here’s Ryan’s interview with Adam:

Here’s another interview done at the Warfield in the “Autograph Room” (sometimes it’s beer, sometimes it’s hard liquor!!!)!

And here are 25 photos of fans with Adam from NOW 100.5 before the Thunder Valley show!!



Adam Lambert: Fresh!!

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Hello, GlamFans! Before I begin today’s post, please visit our newly updated giving page:                                                                   Adam (and I!) really appreciate ANY donations you can make to benefit school children across America!! I (we) hope you will consider giving to this very worthwhile cause!!  

Now, for some of the latest about Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation Tour!!

First, a great concert review from San Francisco:

TALC Vids will be uploading concert videos from the July 25th Glam Nation concert here:

Watch allof SUZ526’s videos from the Warfield in San Francisco at:

Find some amazing concert pics (including the one above) here: and and HEEERE for Adommy pics (including the one above!):

For concert vids from Lincoln, California, go to

Want more Glam Nation concert coverage? Go to MJ’s Big Blog archive:

Finally, a couple of recent (adorable) interviews with Adam:



We Love You, Dusty Madrid!!!

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Adam Lambert continued his Glam Nation tour moving west to Boise, Seattle and Portland the week of July 19th! He took time to do a couple of radio interviews. I don’t know about you, but listening to these interviews always calms me.

The first, on Star 101.5 in Seattle, find pics and audio here: Love the fact that in his apartment before Idol he didn’t have a dishwasher (not so sure he’ll be doin’ dishes any time soon, anyway)!! The second, hysterical, on Kiss 106.1, Adam revealed that he went attempted going incognito by purchasing a cheap wig and his tour mates started calling him Dusty Madrid! I think it fits, don’t you??  Can’t wait for a picture of that!

Here’s one more from 93.1 Boise:

And if you’re an Adam fan, you more than likely saw the AWESOME Lee Cherry pics on ET yesterday! Here’s the link just in case you didn’t catch them:

A behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot on YouTube:

Here’s a link to some videos from Boise courtesy of AINow:

Remember last Halloween when Adam sang to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club at Party City’s Halloween Bash? Well, the video FINALLY came out!

And I leave you with some of Adam’s “Favourite Things” (besides ice cream, of course!) from a mag in the UK: