The GlamFans Kindness Challenge

I’ve been a bit sad today. After seeing video of the horrid protesters in Kansas City and then watching a YouTube video of Adam at a Saint Louis Meet and Greet from the other day ( I have to wonder- what’s going on in Mr. Lambert’s head? In the video Adam is smiling, but to me he seems distant- almost absent from the experience. Can it be that he’s burned out from the tour, all the publicity, the screaming fans- each and every one that wants a piece of him? Wouldn’t be surprised.

Probably just the mom in me, but I worry about him. Can he handle all of this- on the precipice of major stardom? Or will he go down the path so many others have taken- perhaps turn to drugs and/or alcohol to find some form of peace, be hospitalized from exhaustion, or maybe have a breakdown under all the pressure? He needs rest, and some semblance of normalcy.

After watching him on AI and then in concert, Adam energized me. He was the shot in the arm I needed to “wake me up,” get me excited about something. I hadn’t felt that in a while.

Then I found myself in front of the computer for hours each day trying to get some new piece of information about him, a picture or a video, a news article, trying to get more of my “Adam fix.” But I have a life… a loving husband, two great children, fabulous friends , a great job, fulfilling volunteer work. Why do I need this? Again, it’s basic. Adam is exciting: someone seemingly genuine, sweet, kind, sexy, good looking, talented etc., etc. Perhaps he reminds me of what I had in my youth, especially because I relate so much to his “80’s vibe”. Who am I kidding, he’s just flat out gorgeous and  hot dang sexy!! But I digress…

Anyway, because I want him to remain the way he is right now- unspoiled by the fame and fortune that is sure to come, I worry. So I had an idea. Instead of taking from him all the time (yes I know he says he gets energized by our enthusiasm, but I’m not sure that’s enough), I thought, why not take this to the next level? Why not come together and do something good in Adam’s name? I know, I know, he’s collected tons of money for school arts programs ( As a former teacher I can only hope that support continues to grow. It’s fabulous. Please donate. But I’m talking about doing something with this new found energy on a more basic level.

So, Adam Lambert GlamFans, here’s the challenge…take a deep breath, push back from the computer and get out there and get ready to do some good in Adam’s name! We’ve all been energized by him. Let’s rally and do something, anything that uses that energy to make positive change, to make the world a bit better simply because he’s in it. Doesn’t have to be anything major, sometimes the smallest acts of kindness are the best! Here are some things I thought of that we can do each and every day to bring a little good into our collective world:

  • donate food or clothing to those in need
  • hold a door, allow someone to move in front of you while driving, smile at a stranger who looks down and/or depressed
  • do something nice for someone anonymously, just because…
  • help someone load groceries into their car
  • call an elderly relative, friend, neighbor to let them know you are thinking of them. Offer to help them in some way
  • donate children’s books to hospital or shelter

None of these ideas are novel or new. Just easy ways we can reign in that energy Mr. Lambert has produced to do some good. Feel free to add to these ideas, the more the better!

Do It For Adam!

Do It For Adam!

And in the words of Mr. Lambert himself, “Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)”

Report back people, and good luck!!:)) Now I’m going to go offer to mow my neighbor’s lawn!!

Hugs Until Next Time-



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  1. Great idea!! (after spending 3 straight hours on computer I can relate!!) A bit late here but will try to do my bit tomorrow . . . xx

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