My Night With Adam Lambert In Bridgeport

So I was able to leave work early and made my way down to the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport for the September 10th American Idol concert. I was incredibly excited at the thought of seeing Adam again! I arrived at the arena around 1:30 and was greeted by about 30 other fans waiting to meet their favorite Idol. We stood together at the barricade and chatted for about an hour. I was struck by how dedicated these fans were, traveling many miles to see their forth, even fifth AI concert! The people I spoke to were very generous with information they had gathered in their quest to make contact with their fav Idols. I learned that many of the Idols would come out to sign autographs before the show, but Adam virtually never did. I still held out hope!

Finally, at about 2:30 the buses drove up and parked about 100 feet from where we were standing. Adam was on one of those buses- so close!!

The Idol Buses

The Idol Buses

Ten minutes later Allison and Anoop got off the two buses nearest us and headed toward the arena.  The crowd (which had swelled to about 50 people now) screamed when they saw them. Danny got off next and went the wrong way, walking toward us. When he heard the fans screaming he realized his mistake he laughed and said he’d be out shortly.

I didn’t see any of the other Idols leave the buses and I figured some may have been on the other bus I couldn’t see as clearly. Several other people, I assumed back up singers and possible family, got off the buses and made their way inside. There was a lull for a while until about a half hour later when someone else came off the bus nearest us. I looked closely and there he was- Adam, in all of his hot, leather, rock and roll glory! I was so stunned I couldn’t get my camera ready in time! He waved, smiled and headed on into the arena. I was thrilled and couldn’t stop beaming from ear to ear!

Many of the Idols came out to meet us, signed autographs and posed for pictures. I met Allison, Matt, Anoop, Michael, Scott (and Scott’s mom- what a peach!) and Danny. They were all very nice, but seemed a bit mellow. I learned later that none of them felt very well (I hugged most of them- we’ll see if I get sick!!). About 4:00 the crowd started to disperse. I was told by a dedicated fan that the Idols go inside to do the pre-show meet and greet at 4:00. Oh, well, no Adam. But I had the concert ahead of me and still held out hope of meeting him outside after the show.

I did my best to try and get into the meet and greet after party, but to no avail. No one was giving out backstage passes (I think I asked everyone that worked at the arena, even the sound man!!). I played the Ford Fusion game to try and win a backstage pass before the concert and at intermission.  I had no luck, so I waited excitedly with my friend for Adam to come out to perform. And he didn’t disappoint! I found out later he too developed a fever (must have known I was in the audience!!!), but he sounded as fabulous as ever. Chris came out at intermission previously and told us he was too sick to perform. Adam took his part in one of the songs, so we got a little extra of him that night! I took lots of pictures and some video (see below).

After the show my friend and I made our way outside to the barricade again and found a spot right up front. It amazed me how diverse the Adam fans were. I spoke to both young girls and older women, and found them all to be so friendly and filled with excitement, just like me!

Unfortunately we learned about a half hour later that most of the performers were sick (including Adam) and they cancelled the meet and greet after the show, and no one would be coming out to sign autographs- bummer! It was a great night anyway, and I was satisfied to have seen Adam perform in all of his mad hotness!!!

And although my video skills aren’t that great, especially while trying to film the awesome Mr. Lambert(!) (it’s shaky in spots, sorry) you can still hear his amazing voice. Here are my two videos from the Bridgeport show on September 10th. Enjoy!

Mmmwah Until Next Time!!



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