I found an adorable video called “Adam Lambert- Take It Off” posted on YouTube by Glowbug1953 that I haven’t seen even though it’s a month old. If you haven’t viewed it already- enjoy (and if you’ve already seen it, what the heck- watch it again!)!! 

I also found a Lyndsey Parker end-of-tour interview of Adam in Syracuse…he’s as charming as ever here. It came out two days ago so I’m kind of behind the eight-ball on this one too! Oh, well- won’t hurt your eyes to watch him again!

And finally, here is a tweet Adam posted a couple of hours ago:     “We’ve raised over $ 155,000 for there are 4 more days left for the fangroup competition! It’s ON!!!”  Donate if you can!!




2 Responses to “Adamtastic!!!”

  1. WOWie….I still can’t believe this guy didn’t win 1st place. He is a talent and a total dream. When he did “Black or White” on the AI Michael Jackson week, I got literal chills. I sincerely hope we see a lot of him in the future as I am sure we will. Again, what a talent!!!

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