Adam Lambert-Trend Setter

Adam Lambert got a mention in Elle magazine’s Trend Reports  in an article entitled “Gender Lines Blur As Fashion Nods To David Bowie.” The article makes reference to Adam’s androgynous style. It’s exciting how he’s obviously influencing fall fashion trends! Certainly not surprising to witness elements of Adam’s unique, glam style being brought to the runways of New York and Milan! See the full article at


I’ve written about Adam’s fashion sense before (see “Adam Does Fashion” in my August archives). His look harkens back to the late 70’s through the 1980’s, when singers like David Bowie, Boy George, Billy Idol and New Wave bands like Depeche Mode, The Thompson Twins, and Modern English were the rage.

Hopefully, a mix of that New Wave/Glam Rock style will play a part in the music on his new album as well.  It sure looks that way as Adam’s recent Tweet “Last studio day w Rob Cavallo! Can’t wait for everyone to hear our glam rock!!!” has me so excited and hopeful that he will take elements of that music I love so much, and give it a modern, Adamtastic twist! We’ll see!!

UPDATE: Adam just tweeted (October 12th): “RT @SkinGraft: our fashion week show is tomorrow. some pre-show press for you:” I didn’t include the link because it came up as corrupt for me. Here’s the link to Skingraft directly:

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P.S.  Adam’s tweet “My favorite holiday is coming! I think i shall rock Halloween as a GLAMPIRE. What are you going to dress up as?” couldn’t be more timely as my husband and I shopped for his Adam costume today (the hubby is a really good sport about all of this- although he benefits in the long run anyway, if you know what I mean ((-: !!). We bought him black nail polish, tight black jeans, a rocker shirt, cool sunglasses and even a black leather jacket! I plan on doing his makeup and hair.  And I will, of course,  be dressed as an Adam groupie!!! 


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