Chillin’ In Boca

So, if you’re following our boy Adam Lambert on Twitter, you know that he was chillin’ in Boca Raton this weekend. Some fans speculated he was there for a party where he performed a few tunes he sang on American Idol. AS SOON AS I find any pictures, I will surely post them HERE!  

Adam also surprised some lucky fans with a twitter frenzy as he seemed to randomly tweet them (either he was feelin’ really good from all the partying in FLA, cleverly marketing himself once again or just being REALLY friendly)! Whatever the reason, the responses these fortunate fans had were hysterical. They are obviously all now swooning in a puddle by the great Glam God’s feet (as they should be I might add)!!!

Another thing we learned from Mr. Lambert’s tweets is that we should be looking for the first single from his forthcoming album For Your Entertainment to debut this week. I’ll keep you posted on this.

BTW, Kim Kardashian tweeted that Adam was on her flight home! Here’s her tweet: “Hey @RyanSeacrest Kris Allen was at the game today & Adam Lambert was on my flight home! Luv American Idol! Can’t wait 4 next season!”

Finally, Michael Jackson’s This Is It premieres on Tuesday. Adam himself has reported that the 2012 trailer (including Time For Miracles) will run at the pre show event before the movie is shown. I’ll try and stay on top of all this, GlamFans!

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