Are you Ready, GlamFans???

adamlambert_foryourentertainment_cover_smHang on tight, GlamFan! Fierce. Bold. Gorgeous. Intergalactic. Campy. Sick! Adam Lambert’s new album cover to For Your Entertainment is glammy- in-your-face-space-aged fun! The cover (and hopefully the music to come) is all Adam promised us- a flashback to the late 70’s/early 80’s glam rock, hot androgyny with a modern edge! Love it!! 

Rolling Stone weighs in on the cover, saying “From his bright blue hair to For Your Entertainment’s straight-off-Purple Rain font, this album looks like it’ll live up to Lambert’s Twitter promise that “Glam is back!!!”” Read the rest of this article at

Entertainment Weekly writes: “Glam is back. Unicorns are real. And boring people are going to be zapped with giant lasers and turned immediately to dust” and “The suggestion of nudity in this photo is going to make [my mom] a lot of Adam fans go weak in the knees.” Read the rest here:

Perez Hilton tweeted: “Ballsy move! I love it – I hope mainstream America does too!”

Finally, the Wall Street Journal writes, “David Bowie would be proud!”

And as I’ve said before, (and this is really what it’s all about) I can’t wait to hear Adam’s incredible, hot, sexy voice on this new album!! 

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