I Need Some Hot Stuff

According to Pitchfork.com (by way of MJ’s Big Blog by way of Rolling Stone), Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo co-wrote a newly added tune on Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment album called “Pick U Up.” Cuomo tweeted “Adam fans will love it.”

Of course we will, Rivers!! We love everything Adam does!! This should be an especially fun song- can’t wait to hear it! You can read the rest of the article at MJ’s Big Blog to see the entire updated track list plus details about each song on Adam’s upcoming album at: http://mjsbigblog.com/adam-lambert-rivers-cuomo-trackpick-u-up-added-to-for-your-entertainment.htm#more-11219.

Here’s another pic of Adam partying it up on Halloween:


Found this at a site with lots of pics of Adam on Halloween at http://www.markusisthedrug.com/. Have fun looking!!

And finally, if you’re an Adam fan and unless you’ve been under a rock for the past day or two, of course you’ve heard about the rumoured break up between Adam and Drake Labry. This is on every web site on the net, and my husband even heard about it on his way to work this morning on WCBS Radio 660 (a major news radio program out of NYC!)! Never nice to hear stuff like this, wish them both the best going their separate ways.




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