Counting the Days!!!

Sheesh- a girl can’t take a couple of days off without having her in-box filled to the brim with Adam Lambert news and info (wouldn’t want it any other way)!! I’ve got some serious catchin’ up to do!!


First, Adam’s album For Your Entertainment is #1 on the itunes pop charts- whoohoo!! Adam tweeted his fans, “Thank you all for making my album #1 on the itunes pop chart and #10 in general music. I’m so thrilled you all want to hear it!!!” CAN! NOT! WAIT! The album comes out on November 23rd and you can now order it on itunes at (whoa!)

Also, DON’T forget to vote for Adam as “Favorite Breakout Artist” at the People’s Choice Awards here at! We can make this happen GlamFans!!!

Next, (although by the amount of hits this has gotten on YouTube, you might have seen this already!) here’s the Lady Gaga demo of “Fever” to be on Adam’s album For Your Entertainment– very hot and gonna be a Lambert hit!!:

Several  articles about Mr. Lambert and For You Entertainment came out within the past couple of days. I’ll just list the links here so you can browse through them when you can:

From Entertainment Weekly:  From Rock Star Weekly: From MTV: From the New York Post: This  is great from Pop Star about Adam Lambert replacing Steven Tyler of Aerosmith:!

Oooo- and here’s a good one… Ryan Seacrest wants to bring Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Araheta to YOUR TOWN! Here’s the link to vote: Wouldn’t that be fun!!

OK, I think I’m done (for now!)…can’t wait for more!! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter (link on the right side of this page) to get your Adam updates as soon as I publish them!!! I also added a couple of new links you can access on the right side of this page as well- check them out!

Hugs and Kisses!



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