Whataya Want From Me??

Just poured myself a glass of wine, put my headphones on and listened to Adam Lambert’s new single “Whataya Want From Me” off his new album For Your Entertainment (OK so I listened to it about ten times, but who’s counting). 

Written by Pink, Max Martin and Johan Shellback,  the song is so hauntingly beautiful and prophetic.  Brings me right back to the arena where I had my first glimpse of Adam… The AI tour buses arrived we waited and waited. Adam finally emerged an hour later, waving from a distance…sick, I learned later. But there we all were- waiting, wanting a piece of him.

Now I sit here with tears in my eyes, feeling so…. well, so filled, so empty, so happy, sad, gratified, content, wanting more, more, more!!! Once again, Mr. Lambert has touched me to my core ..feeling as if his (Pinks, Martin’s Shellback’s!) words were meant for me…

“Just don’t give up…I’m working it out…I won’t let you down…need a second to breathe.”

I won’t give up on Adam… Going to give him the chance to shine like the star I know he is… I know he won’t let us down…Gonna love him perfectly (from a distance)…

Please download “Whataya Want From Me” at www.adamofficial.com. You’ll be so glad you did!!!

Loving Hugs,



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