Adam Busts Out The Show

OK, so the Ustream Red Carpet pre show prior to the American Music Awards was tough to get through!! Our Adam Lambert didn’t appear until the end, but looked oh so elegant in his dark suit and tie!!! Interviewed by Jai Rodriguez, he thanked his fans graciously, and was adorable as ever! Here’s the interview on YouTube:

During the AMA’s the camera caught him a couple of times in the audience…

-First, watching Shakira with an absolutely fierce look on his face…Adam obviously enjoyed her performance (hope a pic surfaces somewhere of this moment- absolutely precious)!!                                                                                               

-Clapping for Kelly Clarkson with a big smile on his face (did I see WHITE nail polish- could have been someone else’s french manicure!! Have to check that out later in the show)!!!

-The announcer says before a commercial break “And coming up, a performance by Adam Lambert you have to see to believe”!! OK, so he’s gotten me even more excited than I already was! Didn’t think that was possible!

– High-fiving one of the guys from the Black Eyed Peas doin’ the white man’s over bite, groovin’ and lookin’ so sexy during their first song, and then again, groovin’ to Boom, Boom Pow (I wish I could take some lessons to move like that!!).

-Adam smiled pretty for Carrie Underwood after her performance and he was, using her words, like a cool drink of water! 

-Adam gave Perez Hilton some makeup tips backstage (according to Perez), and once again the announcer whips us into a frenzy by telling us that Adam will be giving a performance that everyone will be talking about tomorrow! 

And finally, the performance:

Wow, I think I need a cigarette after that and I don’t even smoke!!! It was, as Adam promised, over the top! Sadomasochistic, rockin’ crazy hot, he seemed to fall at one point (caught himself beautifully I might add!).  Adam is so true to what he believes, and I totally admire that. Shock rock is back! He pushed the envelope, and afterward Adam himself admitted that this performance was not for everyone.

People are certainly talking about this performance (he trended # 1 on Twitter last night)! Tons of press about it (for the good and the bad) already. Here’s a wonderful video from Access Hollywood of Adam’s post-show interview:

Love this guy- more to come about his performance (and David Letterman- filming in NYC tonight!!) later!!




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  1. Hi Claudia and fellow fans, great site and collection of videos! Thanks for the AMA’s recap, in all the post-show drama I had forgotten some of those other moments, which were pretty cool. I did think he looked a bit worried or nervous?…re Adam and children, I don’t know if you’ve seen this one or not, but it shows how much children love being with Adam and vis versa…when the venue is for kids he is very tuned in to them. It’s a beautiful thing! (())

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