Early Show!!!

I’m palpitating, I’m palpitating…watching Adam Lambert on CBS’s Early Show- whoohooo!!!

I have to start by saying that my nine-year old son came into my room this morning while I had the Early show on waiting for Adam’s appearance. After seeing a promo that alluded to the AMA controversy, my son asked, “Mom, did Adam do something wrong?” I asked him if he remembered what it means to be gay (we had a discussion about that previously when kids were talking about it at school). He said yes, and I told him that Adam is gay, and he kissed a man on TV and many people were upset about it (didn’t go into any further detail). He nodded and said, “That’s kind of silly.” Yeah, it is.

Anyway, more about the CBS Early Show appearance, some YouTube clips:

Just watched Adam sing, has me in tears- faaaabulous!! I’ll  get those performances up AS SOON AS I get them!!!!

BIG HUGS (Thanks,Zaziania) !!



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