Makin’ Out With Adam Lambert

From Fox News (of all places…giggle), Adam Lambert admits: “When I was 14 yes, I had a girlfriend. She was 18 and her name was BJ and she was from Compton. Can you imagine this little red head kid and a big black girl? She taught me how to make out.”

Love it!!! Read the rest at

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Reader’s Poll  named Adam Top Artist of 2009!! Way to go people! See it here at !

And more good news for our boy, according to MJ’s Big Blog, Adam’s For Your Entertainment video hit #1 on iTunes yesterday! Whoohoo!!

Don’t forget, you have two more days to vote for Ryan Seacrest’s “Rock My Town” contest to see Adam, Kris Allen and Allison Araheta perform a concert in your town. NYC is in the lead right now, with Little Rock and Los Angeles following. Vote at

Finally, don’t forget to watch Adam live tonight on the So You Think You Can Dance finale!! The show is on Fox at 8:00pm EST.




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