Lambert On Leno

Adam Lambert appeared on Jay Leno December 21st- what a great interview and performance!! In the interview, Adam talked about working at Starbucks at age 16 (he liked it because he likes connecting with people, but didn’t like the way he smelled when he got home!). Adam talked a bit about his brother (just graduated college and how they are very different). They discussed Adam’s  AMA performance (Jay defended it and scolded network TV for being hypocritical- go Jay!!). Adam dispelled two rumors (that he has not yet created a line of make-up and that he fought with his father after the AMA’s). Oh, and my new favorite phrase is “safe plucking”!! Adam’s face was precious when Jay used that line!!!

After the interview Adam performed “Whataya Want From Me”, showcasing his amazing, sky-scraper voice and he really rocked it out toward the end!! Adam was so wonderfully confident and Jay was incredibly supportive!!




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