Adam Lambert’s Glamtastic 2009!!!

Happy New Year, GlamFans! My life (and I hope yours if you are reading this!) has been truly enriched by the wonderful, delicious Adam Lambert this year!!  I’ve been totally, positively, Adamtastically hooked since he burst on to the national music scene on American Idol, and then took to the road on the  AI tour,where he absolutely OWNED the stage!! He’s touched me to the core with his incredible charm and epic vocals, and brings a smile to my face each and every time I listen to him sing!! Adam truly makes me want to listen to music again!! Thanks, Adam!!

Here’s a great 2009 YouTube tribute to Mr. Lambert by AlicesRabbitHole:

You can see part 2 and several other vid’s she made of Adam at . Thanks, Alice!!!

As you may know Adam is appearing tonight at Paramount Studio’s Gridlock New Year’s Eve concert at the stroke of midnight (direct info about this at Adam’s brother Neil tweeted that he’ll broadcast the concert live on his phone and post it on Here’s a comprehensive list of links courtesy of hotforadam on the adamofficial website to see (or hear) Adam live on New Year’s Eve: . This event is not to be missed- even here on the east coast where it will be 3:00 in the morning!! Can’t think of a better way to start the new year!!

Can’t wait to see what Mr. Lambert has in store for us in 2010- looking forward to every minute!!!

Happy New Year’s Hugs!!!


P.S. Besides being a great performer, Adam’s generous spirit (and those of his incredible fans) raised over $250,00 benefitting arts education programs for schoolchildren across the country. Most recently, Adam supported the family of fan Terri Sanvicente after she was tragically killed by the father of her children. Adam tweeted: 

“My thoughts are with the children and babysitter of Terri Sanvicente. Terri had so much joy to share. Light and love to her memory. #RIP Terri. AI fans are donating to this Houston shelter tonight in memory of Terri Sanvincente starting at 5 CST

My thoughts and prayers too, go out to Terri’s children…so sorry about the loss of their mother.


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