Adam Lambert Rocks Gridlock Part 2

From the Los Angeles Times

More reviews, videos, pictures, etc of Adam Lambert’s New Year’s Eve performance at Paramount Studio’s Gridlock event keep rolling in. Here are some of them: 

From Lyndsey Parker: I just love this woman. Not only does she write wonderfully, but she loves Adam almost as much as I do!! 

I found this link that will keep you busy for a while. All you need to know and more about Adam’s NYE performance:

From the LA Times, first an interview and then a review: and,0,7549429.story 

I couldn’t pass this next one up- “When Lammy Met Pammy” from Celebuzz (why didn’t I think of that??)… hysterical:

And I leave you with a video of Soaked …Adam’s voice is magnificent, touching, beautiful here: 



PS Don’t forget to VOTE for Adam’s For Your Entertainment on VH1’s Video of the Year at and for Z100’s Best New Artist at and Fuse for Favorite Video at!!!


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