Adam Lambert Wins Best New Artist 2009!!!

Adam Lambert won Z100’s Z Award’s “Best New Artist” of 2009!!! Whoohoo- yeah, baby!! Check it out here at!

Adam had this to say about it on Twitter: “Woohoo!! Thanks to all who voted for the Z100 best new artist!! I’m honored :)…FYI. That doesn’t mean to stop requesting!! Just try not to do it 30 times in one day…. Just Cool it on the redial/resend kick. :)…Oh and so you all know, upon hearing this news, I laughed so hard. Y’all are nuts and I adore you for it. :)”

We love you too, Adam! In other Adam news, here’s an article about DJ Taj’s take on remixes of Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment at Love the tribal remix, and the Bimbo Jones version is smokin’!! Pretty awesome, I’d say!




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