Play That Funky Music!!

My son (age 9) and I were watching the American Idol Season 8 rerun on Fox’s Reality Channel last night. As I mentioned the other day, I just love seeing Adam Lambert perform again on the big screen. So exciting! Adam sang “Play That Funky Music (White Boy)” by Wild Cherry. My son said, “Boy can he sing, mom. He hits all of those high notes!!!” Oh yeah baby, he can sing.

And I’m probably gonna get kicked out of the Adam Lambert fan club for this next one, but I just can’t resist. All YouTube videos of live American Idol performances were removed for some reason, so I have slim picken’s to choose from on this one. Here’s my choice for Adam’s “Play That Funky Music” performance live (I laughed until tears came out of my eyes)!! Adam’s screams in fast motion at the end are hysterical! It’s also great to watch if you’re in a hurry…enjoy!

For the more serious fans (count me in here, too!), here’s the studio version:

A fan on the Adam Lambert Official site posted this next link, an interview of Adam’s Broadway friends written in March answering questions about Mr. Lambert: So interesting to read about Adam from their perspective.

Finally, here’s a link to an article from Extra about Adam being excited and nervous about going on Oprah: Stay strong, my friend. We are all rooting for you!!!




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  1. Go ahead and play that funky music heat the stage I love to see you shaking your body so keep going

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