Isn’t He (Still) Lovely!

All righty then, listening to Scarlett Cherry while writing this post…Adam Lambert tweeted that we fans should check her out, so check her out I did!! Smooth, lovely music. So calming. You can enjoy her too at

Speaking of lovely, Adam was out supporting his friends Alisan Porter and Ferris Alqaisi this weekend. You can find some great pictures (including the one above) of him and his pals here:

I was thinking this morning that I haven’t written about Adam’s fantastic band (’cause it’s all about the music, of course!!) and so I did a little diggin’. The Mr. L website has a great writeup about the members of Adam’s band- hadn’t seen this before: Loads of talent there- wouldn’t want it any other way!!!

Don’t forget to watch Adam on FUSE TV’s “Idol All Star Takeover” tonight if you get it. Go to their website for more information. Watch it on the web at later.

And this just in from Rock Star Weekly: Adam’s Whataya Want From Me  music video is due out this Friday morning on VH1. Much more info (including video of the filming) at Yipee!!! Gotta go- somebody’s crying downstairs!




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