Adam Rocks Ryan!!

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Adam Lambert on January 22nd. They discussed Adam’s performance at the AMA’s (yawn)…Ryan explained that he really wanted Adam to perform on Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, but it wasn’t up to him (cough, cough). Ryan weirdly asked Adam that if he were straight would he want to sleep with Madonna (this may be a fantasy of Ryan’s, but Adam wanted NO part of it!!).

Adam  told us that he could (possibly) be a correspondent on the red carpet of the Grammy’s (ooowweeee!!!).  Fans had a chance to call in and gush to Adam (wouldn’t you???). And the best part…you can sign up to win tickets (airfare and hotel included) so see Adam, Allison and Chris perform at a FREE concert in New York City. Go to to enter (I’ll see you there!!!)  Here’s part one of Adam’s interview:

Find the rest at Team Lambert 2010’s YouTube page at

And according to MJs Big Big Blog “Adam will be singing “Strut” on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Tuesday, January 26. Ellen is celebrating her birthday. Strut on girl! The episode was taped yesterday (Jan 21).” Be sure to tune in for that one!!!!

Last, here’s a short article about the jeans Adam wore on the way to Oprah, love the fashion blog commentary and great pic:

Happy Saturday!!




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