The Jacket

First have to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!! You’ve brought so much light and love into my life- I’m truly grateful!!

So I’m in Los Angeles and decided to go to the Congregation of the Forgotten Saints on Melrose where Adam Lambert shopped for cool rocker clothing in a segment of his recent appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

The staff at Forgotten Saints was awesome, and showed me some of the clothes Adam tried on.  They told me that Adam often shops at their store for gloves, jewelry, clothing, etc. Not surprising, they all said Mr. Lambert is sweet, genuine, and he has that special something that makes someone a star!  

I checked out the “I think there’s a point where you can go too far…” jacket Adam tried on  in the Oprah interview (scroll down to play the Oprah Interview video Part 2 in the post entitled “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm” below).

The jacket’s a fabulous amalgamation of patent leather, faux fur and huge spikes, and I ended up buying it!! Cody, the designer who creates many of the clothes at Forgotten Saints including  THE JACKET was beyond cool, and was a peach to tolerate this obsessed fan in her quest to find all things Adam!

The jacket is an oh-so-awesome piece of memorabilia I will always treasure…but Adam, you are welcome to borrow it anytime!!!




6 Responses to “The Jacket”

  1. Wear the jacket to Lol’s dinner!!!!!

  2. HAHA!! Claudia, that was so smart of you to buy that!! If you ever needed rent money, you could get a nice chunka change on ebay with it!

  3. Claudia, how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!! It certainly is not over the top for those chicks (me) who grew up in the 70’s. They were called chubby jackets and there were probably some guys who wore them too. It will heretofore be known as the ADAM JACKET. Enjoy wearing it (or worshiping it) for many years to come!!!

  4. Come On Claudia, need picture of you in it!

  5. Canadiann Says:

    I enjoyed your article. It was nice to hear what the staff thinks of Adam. And that jacket … Woo Hoo!

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