Adam Lambert Interview on WBLI

Long Island radio station WBLI interviewed Adam Lambert this morning, Thursday, February 18th, 2010 (although I think they interviewed him on February 17th). WARNING: Ooooo- Adam reveals information about his MAKE OUT SESSION with a famous singer the other night (a girrrl!!). If ya can’t handle it, don’t listen to part 3 (I understand)!!!! Here it is:




9 Responses to “Adam Lambert Interview on WBLI”

  1. I love this interview and thought Adam handled some really weird questions very well. He has such a great sense of humor.

  2. Adam seemed to have fun with the interview anyway. Those interviewers were alittle CRAZY but some of it was funny actually. Adam is such a great interview. The media loves him as we all do.

  3. Poor ADAM! His patience had to have been tested to the max with these interviewers! God Bless Him for being so nice!

    I cannot believe that these two voices are on the radio…I couldn’t endure listening to them for over a minute!!!! lol

  4. Holy shite…these radio hosts are absolutely horrendous. I don’t even know how Adam puts up with this crap with such good humor. :/

  5. These people are annoying,especially the Jerry Lewis impersonator. I could never listen to these two idiots. Adam is so cute,how does he endure this c..p.

  6. Ugh -those two interviewers sucked ass. Adam was presh as always.

  7. Good for Adam I’m so tired of all the BS surrounding the “phone girl” she got the attention she so clearly wanted … She was rude, rude, rude he should have just slapped the b**ch, with the phone ala Naomi Campbell

  8. Who can even listen through these squawking voices ugh. You’re kidding me that they are actually on radio, right?

  9. so glad I’m not in these interviewers’ radio area. they are excruciating and Adam has to just suffer through lame questions and banter.

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