Adam Lambert Donor’s Choose Video and Interview


Yesterday’s post with Adam Lambert’s interview with WBLI left me feeling cold and just plain yucky. The DJs were pretty obnoxious, asking provocative, leading questions with little or no substance. The epitome of sub-gossip junk. Today’s post brings me right back to the Adam Lambert warm and fuzzy side. 

As a former elementary school teacher, I truly appreciate Adam’s work with the Donor’s Choose charity. Adam had the honor of singing with a group of school children who benefited directly from Donors Choose. For those of you who don’t know about it, Donors Choose  is a program that supports music and arts programs in schools across the country. Here’s the link to the web site (this link is always posted on the side of this page as well): If you can, please donate to this very worthy cause!

Here’s a great article from the L.A. Times about Adam’s school visit:

Adam also did a long interview today and tweeted about it: “Thank you ontd_ai and for settin up the fan chat!! So much fun!” The chat posted on YouTube is in six parts. Here’s Part 1:

Find the rest at The Lambosessive’s Lair on YouTube at




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