The Australian Mardi Gras Affair

Adam Lambert was right smack dab in his element at Mardi Gras in Australia on March 6th! He played to a crowd of party-hearty souls, closing the show at 7:45 (ish) in the morning. Revellers had been up all night, and according to tweets and video, seemed ready to welcome our boy with renewed energy, open arms (and open legs??)! As the sun rose, so did the crowd’s enthusiasm. Adam was a vision in his codpiece and spikes. Enjoy!

OK, GlamFans, now brace yourselves. You MUST sit down or hang on to something when you open this next link. Here are some HQ photos from the event courtesy of the Social Lite Life (they got them from Splash News Online) and our BB looks SMOKIN’ HOTTT: Holy schmoly! Think I need to go take a cold shower after seeing those!! 

Find some other pics of his performance from The Adam Lambert Connection at and at Celebrity Gossip

And a cute video from Adam’s appearance at HUM in Sydney. Can’t quite understand how these people can be so calm in his presence! I think I’d be reduced to a blubbering idiot!




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