Back Rub and a Beer

The picture of Adam Lambert above was taken at Sydney’s Mardi Gras VIP party. Yowee!

On March 8th Adam performed an acoustic version of Mad World at Marble Bar in Sydney. Longineau played the bongos and Monte rocked it out on guitar. So, so hot:

Yeowch! That ending hurt. I want more!! But here are some pictures taken at the event courtesy of NOVA FM that might take the sting out of that abrupt ending:

Adam appeared on Australia’s Sunrise and sang a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of Whataya Want From Me:

I could be woken up that way every day, couldn’t you??

And an interview from Sydney’s “Ant and Becks Show” on MIX 106.5:

This next link brings you to a video of Adam talking about his recent trip to New York:

And some fabulous chart news: Whataya Want From Me is now #1 on Canada’s Much Music Countdown and #1 in Pop on Amazon Japan! Whoo hoo!

Our BB is on the move again- news from Melbourne tomorrow!




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