Boy George Meets Glam God Adam Lambert In London

Adam Lambert attended the launch party for Boy George’s new single at the Merah Club in London, March 20th. Here’s some coverage of the event:

You can find lots of pics of Adam “Out with the Ronson’s” here:

Hear all three parts of Adam’s Tokyo Hot 100 radio interview at Adamholic’s YouTube channel at .

Finally, check out the new link Lambert Fans Norway under my Blogroll on the right side of this page (you may need to scroll down to see this). Awesome blog!! Pretty cool getting to know Adam fans from around the world…how f-ADAM-tabulous is that?? 

Happy Spring!!




3 Responses to “Boy George Meets Glam God Adam Lambert In London”

  1. I like both Boy George and Adam. I was surprised by Adam’s look at their meeting. His style was similar to George’s style. :))

    I would love to find some videos from their meeting. I found today some high quality videos with Adam – lives and various TV appearances on but I couldn’t find any video from that meeting.
    Maybe it wasn’t filmed 😦

  2. Love the pics of Boy George and Adam together, check out his facebook page,

  3. Excuse me! I love Adam Lambert, but it should read Adam Lambert meets Glam God Boy George in London, not the other way around. Boy George has freak superiority in this case, and it’s a bit disrespectful.

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