Adam Lambert ROCKS A Kilt!!

OK GlamFans, are you sitting down?? Here ya go:

Adam Lambert arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland today, March 22nd. If he does anything else with his life, Adam MUST create a line of rocker kilts. OMG- I’m flailing here!!! Does it get any hotter than this?? Picture above courtesy of Mr. Lambert himself. Many more pics from Adam’s trip to Scotland on Photobucket here:!!

Here’s an interview on “The Hour” Scottish TV with Adam (thanks, Lambrits!):

Some more Adam Lambert news from the UK-

From MTV:

From Electroqueer:

And if you can stand any more, go to Adam Quote Daily’s blog and check out the fan tribute videos assembled there





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  1. Aww cool you like his look – the founding members of Adam Lambert UK ( gave him the sporran as a gift. We wanted to mark his visit to Scotland with something very special. Needless to say, Adam ADORES it!

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