Adam Lambert Storms UK!

Adam Lambert returned to the UK April 22nd, and has been busy doing lots of interviews and preparing for two shows. The first,  at GAY Club in Heaven, London, is an Amnesty International Fundraiser ( The second is at Heaven Monday, April 26th, link here:

Entertainment Focus interviewed Adam and described their interview on YouTube this way: “EF Editor Pip caught up with former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert shortly after he arrived in the UK. He talked about his new single ‘For Your Entertainment’, his forthcoming album and his experience of going back on American Idol recently.”

From Eagle 96.4, an interview taped in March, but aired on April 24th:

Here is an interview from Juice FM:

Mr. Lambert was named MTV Buzzworthy’s Style Star of the Week- whoohoo!! Here’s the link:

Finally, an FYE album review from New Zealand (do ya think the reviewer liked it???)

Looking forward to bringing you video of Adam’s performance at G.A.Y.!!




2 Responses to “Adam Lambert Storms UK!”

  1. I think no one has ever given such great interviews as Adam. I loved the Juice one, and after listening I thought that he’s be the kind of person I’d want as my very best friend. He’s so sincere, he’s so real, such a great person. No bull – he says many of the same things on interviews so I know he’s nonest and just being HIMself. And he has such great social skills…his parents raised him very well. What a gem. I just adore him.

  2. Claudia – Hugs to you, too. Thank you so much for posting all the Adam news. And love the links.

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