UK Adam Lambert Storm Continues!

Adam Lambert continued his UK visit Monday, April 26th, taking the country by storm! He appeared on GMTV for an interview and performance: 

Love the dancers and Adam looked hhhottt!!

Here’s the link to the GMTV site:

Adam was also featured on a pre-teen show in London called “Koko Pop” April 24th. Here’s the video:

And, a related article from MTV UK:

Some more great pictures of Adam out and about in London like the one above at

Adam will be performing at Heaven tonight. Pics and video to come!




2 Responses to “UK Adam Lambert Storm Continues!”

  1. I’m totally in love with this performance and this interview…..his outfit, his hair, the dancing and the way he smiled and just looked directly into the interviewer’s eyes. How can you not totally adore this man? He will be loved and embraced by te UK for sure!

  2. Wow, it just blows my mind but this guy keeps getting better and better. How is that even possible? This was a really great performance and he’s really getting in synch with his dancers. Just beautiful.

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