Can’t Let You Go!


Adam Lambert’s Can’t Let You Go was posted on YouTube today. The tune is a bonus track on the newly released UK version of For Your Entertainment.  Hauntingly beautiful, the song was written by Claude Kelly (produced by Greg Welles) and demonstrates Adam’s amazing vocal range.  Can’t stop listening to Can’t Let You Go! Enjoy!!

Yahoo Music’s Lyndsey Parker weighs in about the song here:

Capital FM London interviewed Adam right after his concert at Heaven Monday, April 26th (thanks, Lambrits, UK!). He’s cute as a button as usual!!

From MyBliss, this is such a GREAT interview from the UK (good singer, good kisser, good face, just gas!!)

Part 2- Adam gives beauty tips (gonna try the wiggle!):

And if by chance you have not seen the updated Glam Nation tour schedule (lots more dates added), go here:

Check out Adam’s video from England (taken from



*Pic above from Ceri Watson


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  1. I wonder every day if a day will come when I am not obsessed with Adam. He is the most amazing, funny, real, sexy, hot, beautiful, incredible, gorgeous, silly………I think maybe I am not there yet. I also hope the day will come in the US that allows Adam to be all that he can and desires to be. He is an artist that needs to have complete freedom in order to truly share his talent and intelligence. I think if we were more open, we would see even more of him to love. The faces were hilarious and he is so unaffected by anything. No moment of doubt in Adam. LOVE HIM!!!

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