Adam Lambert Storms Finland!!

From Mindchnger on Twitter

Adam Lambert arrived in Finland on Saturday, May 1st to a fan flurry! Adam is very popular in Finland, and they showed him a lot of warmth and love!! Here’s a video of Adam at a fan signing at Stockmannilla Mall

You can find a slide show of pictures from the event here: And lots more pictures from Adam Is Da Bomb on twitpic:

MJ’s Big Blog has coverage here:

From Finnish teen magazine Stara, Adam’s arrival at Helsinki Airport (poor baby- so tired, but sooo sweet!): Pictures from his arrival :

A behind the scenes look  at Adam Lambert rehearsing for his appearance on Finland’s The X Factor at Linynah’s YouTube channel: Pretty interesting, something we don’t often see!

Adam Swedish live chat: . Here’s a link to english translation from mmyy9 on twitter (thanks!)

From Energy Radio, Germany (scroll down the page for an interview with some new and unusual questions!):

From Celebrity Looks, a collection of great pictures (thanks, Lambrits, UK):

You can see the luscious pictures from the YRB (Mike Ruiz) photo shoot at

And if you haven’t seen it, a GORGEOUS picture from Brutus Magazine:

Go to to see more!




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