Adam Lambert Hand Massage!!

Before we get to the hand massage, here is new information about Adam’s If I Had You video shoot (and some new concert dates) from MJ: 

Now, Adam Lambert appeared on Live From Studio Five in London on May 10th. He got a lovely hand massage throughout the interview (until he asked the masseuse for his hand back!). Here is a recorded UStream (thanks, lambosessed!): . And a YouTube version here:

Good luck winning the glove (email “Adam Lambert Competition” in the subject line to studio@fivetv )!

A behind the scenes video of Adam’s preparations before his concert at G.A.Y. surfaced today on YouTube:

Adam Lambert Obsession‘s wrote a wonderful review with video about her night with Adam at Heaven in London:

Speaking of Heaven, hey, Adam’s doin’ my job for me!! He tweeted the following for fans’ viewing pleasure (Ninni, WickedHeadRush and FORYOURENTERTAINMENT- you must be thrilled!!): So great to share the stage with my dancers and band!Expanded family!”… Here’s Fever. Brings me so much joy to have my friends onstage w me!”… WWFM on Finland’s Xfactor”…

“Unplugged in Amsterdam:

He’s obviously getting a kick out of watching himself on YouTube!

In other news, here’s a scan of an article about Adam from the Australian magazine “Famous” 




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