The Adam Lambert/Wilkes-Barre Affair- Part 2

Tons of great videos and pictures from Adam Lambert’s first Glam Nation concert in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania June 4th have surfaced! Below are several links to great sites for your glittery enjoyment!!

Complete concert videos and great pics at:  and (These ladies always blow me away!!)

TALC videos always rock, you can’t go wrong here:

And yes, once again, LoveLightAdam had me squealing with delight at the pictures she took last night: (including the ones above!). You go, girl!!!! More great pics being compiled at

Several fellow Adam fan(atic) friends are FIRST IN LINE to get into Starland tonight (they’ve been there since early this morning)!! Giving a shout out to @glambertaddict and @suenomma!!! Stay hydrated and keep your batteries full, dears! I want a full report after the show!!!

Please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @GlamFanNation (link on the right side of this page) for the latest updates and reports from the gals!!




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