Adam Lambert Rocks the Big Guns In Sayreville, NJ!!

Adam Lambert performed the second of his Glam Nation Tour concerts June 5th at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey! You can find a full set of videos from alreference at

From MJ’s Big Blog, another full set of videos from the concert:

A bit about the concert (including pics and video) from

Lots of great pics from denise625 at and jeter021992:

AND HERE (including picture above)!!!

Here’s a first hand account from someone who attended the show:

On Sunday 6th June 2010,  Twitter’s @cutiepi300 said:

“Alright, here’s for anyone who’s been asking… So I was in the car when @adabritt called and told me Allison was signing outside… I was like “OMG give her the phone!!” So she did, and I got to talk on the phone with Allison… it was nothing special, just like “Hey, how are you” blah blah blah. I asked her to stay outside for like 20 more minutes so i could meet her and give her the gift I have. She said she would wait, but she ended up being pulled inside for soundcheck, which means I didn’t get to meet her.

I met up with some people I ~knew from twitter, we talked hung out.. I cut the entire line…then Tommy walked by, we all screamed and he left. Allison’s guitarist walked by a few times but he never came over. Orianthi came over and signed for everyone and was SO sweet. she handed out a handful of her guitar pics. she took pics with people and might I add, she’s GORGEOUS!..

Next was we waited in line for like EVER!! it was soooo hot and sweaty, but it was fun! We talked about Kradison, Gokey, and even Scoot!… then they FINALLY let us into the venue at like 6:45. I spent $70 on merch and $3 on a water. after my little shopping spree my friend rachel and I squeezed our way up to the front, we were about 3 people away from the stage, eventually we met up with everyone else.

NOW for the show. First up was Allison. UNREAL. She doesn’t stop moving, she’s like a HUGE ball of energy!! Her voice is so amazing live. She sang FIBOU, Holiday, Robot Love, Scars, DWTP (with Orianthi)and then she was done. She literally ran off stage when she finished, which left us no time to chant “Slow Ride!!” But whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatever!! haha

Then it was Orianthi’s turn. Now don’t get me wrong, that chick can SHRED but singing? ehh. It was interesting to watch her I guess… I took a ton of pics of her. Honestly? I couldn’t wait for her set to end.

And finally, the queen of the hour. First Tommy, Monte, Cam, and LP came out. Then everyone knew shit was about to go down. All of the sudden Adam walked up from behind the stage wearing a purple(?) jacket with a green top hat and makeup like you cannot even imagine and no shoes. He walks out singing Voodoo with dancers and I’ve honestly never heard anything like that before. I don’t remember the order of the songs but here:

Sure Fire Winners: Amazing as usual. Grabbed Tommy while singing “How far this bad wild child’s gonna go.”

Fever: This will forever been known as Adommy’s song. Hair grabbing. Man handling. Let tell you, you haven’t SEEN Adommy until you’ve seen it in person. You want to crawl into a ball and scream!

Broken Open: Adam stood at the top of the stairs and sang it SO dramatically. It was so amazing.

Aftermath: Acoustic! Persoanlyl I didn’t know what to expect with acoustic Aftermath. It was amazing. Everyone got off the stage except for Monte and Adam. They sat at the back of the stage and played that song.

Ring Of Fire: There were rings of fire…. on the video screen. haha It was outstanding none the less. The notes he hits are mind boggling.

Strut: Dancers came out and “Strutted” it was super energetic and fun!

Down the Rabbit Hole: OMG. Just wow. “It starts in his bass (grabbing Tommy) and ends in my crystal ball (motions to giant bugle in his pants)”

Sleepwalker: I was FULLY expecting Orianthi to come out and play considering she is on tour with him, but I was wrong. Monte played and it was still phenomenal.

If I Had You: My favorite and always will be! He introduced the band AND dancers. When he introduced the dancers they all did a different little dance. SO FUCKING COOL! When he introduced Brook (choreographer) they like crumped together, it was so HOT.

Soaked: So theatrical. So him. So amazing. Took a drink of some alcohol during it. haha

Mad World: You would think after hearing it 100+ times before you wouldn’t want to hear it again. Well I stand corrected, it was still like seeing it for the first time all over again.

I think that’s all the songs. If you haven’t seen Adam live, you have to. it’s nothing like seeing him through a computer screen. It was weird because they all came on stage and I was like “WOW, they’re real people, they’re life size, they’re not figures in my computer screen!” My ears are still ringing and will be for another day. I learned that I suck at taking pictures and Adommy is real. At the end of the show, we ran out back and met LP and Tommy. LP sounds EXACTLY like he does on the livestreams. He’s really sweet!! Tommy, oh Tommy. How I love your twinkie self. He’s adorable beyond words, and is so gay. haha SO sweet, but so oblivious. We saw Neil, he ignored us. Saw Josh/Pujays/Drag Queen? He was smoking.

I had the most amazing time, and I need to see it again! So unreal!”




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  1. How close to the stage were you? How far in advance did you get there? I am going to the show Monday in Columbus and want to make sure I time it right. Thanks for any info!

  2. How far in advance did you get in line? I am going to the Columbus show Monday and want to be as close to the front as possible, as does everyone lol. Thanks for any info.

  3. Claudia – Thank you very much for your constant posting and comments. I never get tired of looking at Adam and hearing about the tour. I’m one of those who won’t get to see him live, so I appreciate the details. Love the bare feet – and the toes are polished!

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