Adam Lambert Gave Us A Whole Lotta Love At MGM Foxwoods!

Well, Glamfans, I’ve finally calmed myself enough to write about my AMAZING experience at the Adam Lambert concert June 24th at the MGM Foxwoods casino!! From my front row seat (eee!) Adam gave me the thrill of a lifetime, putting on a concert I’ll never forget!!

I started the evening co-hosting a pre-show “Glamfest” with my partner-in-crime Sue. The Glamfest was a gathering of approximately 80 die-hard fans partying in the name of Adam. We raised money for his charity (, drank Glambertinis, met with Juneau and Xena of “On The Meaning Of Adam Lambert” fame (they did a book signing for us – also raising money for and generally flailed together endlessly!! We gave away a front row seat to the concert, and one fan made six Adam Lambert calendars we also gave away. It was a truly heartwarming and memorable experience!

Then it was on to the show! Seeing Adam from the front row was a truly mind-blowing experience. The details of his outfits and physical features were magnificent, from the rhinestones on his boots (when he wasn’t barefoot!),  to the beautifully studded blue leather and lace up crotch (!) on his pants, to his amazing embroidered jacket, his PIERCING blue eyes, up to the multi-colored crystals leading from his right eyebrow to his newly shaven hair…thud!! I could even see the freckles on his arms and every detail of his gorgeous face. At times I felt strange staring at him so intensely, but I just couldn’t look away (I guess he’s used to that by now!!).

The show itself was one of the best I’ve seen him do so far. Adam was on fire! Even though there were rumors he and Tommy were a bit under the weather, you absolutely wouldn’t know it. Taking us on the musical ride of our lives, Adam had the audience enraptured,  from his thrilling entrance singing Voodoo, to the heart wrenching Aftermath (I was actually brought to tears by Adam’s incredibly emotional rendition), to the über sexy Whole Lotta Love, ya coulda’ peeled me off the floor by the end of the concert!! I was lucky enough to get a set list, and one of Monte’s guitar picks!!

I was also able to take some pictures (all of the ones above and my twitpic pictures at and a few videos. I wanted to enjoy some of the show unencumbered, so I chose songs I haven’t posted before. I hope you enjoy the videos. I’ve watched them over and over, and hope you will too!! If you upload these pictures and videos anywhere else, please credit

First, a fabulous rendition of Whataya Want From Me :

Next, the hauntingly beautiful Soaked (a bit shaky at first- when Adam looked straight at me I got a bit flustered, but it gets better- I promise!!):

And last, GlamFans, a partial video of Whole Lotta Love. Why partial, you ask? Because Mr. Lambert sat right down in front of me to sing it, and I was momentarily frozen like a deer in the headlights!! I’m tellin’ you, never in my life…enjoy!!!

And one last eensy/sexy bit!!:

Hugs To All!!



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  1. Hi gal,

    Saw this old post from Foxwood. I have some good vids from second row with fab sound. WLL sounds great.

    There are some other Foxwoods ones posted on my channel if you want more. @panameragirl

    • Claudia Says:

      A man and his bench- oh what a night…thanks for sharing! I can’t believe it was a year ago already. Adam gave us so many great memories! Can’t WAIT until his next album and tour!!! Hugs- Claudia

  2. OMG I LUV ADAM LAMBERT HES SO SEXY adam lambert if ur reading this plzzz come to gansvill or sumthin im ur biggest fan i have to c u man id kill my mom to c u ive neva felt like this b4 ur pics flud my phone I LUV U PS:im happy ur gay cuz im a girl and if i cant have u no girl can;) keep up the sexyness babe

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  4. buffy522 Says:

    Hi Claudia. My first time on this site. I saw your link on Adam Official Unofficial. I think WWL was so sexy. Don’t know how you do it with the camera wile he is singing!! That one was PG-13. I so hope he does that in San Francisco. I will be in the balcony. Or the back of the auditorium in a reserved seat. Hubby is going and would not do the scramble needed for GA!! But he’s going which is amazing. Looks like a blast. I will be watching your posts from now on. Looks like you hooked up with my other favorite site, On the Meaning of…

  5. Hey Claudia,

    Awesome job!! Now I have that connection I need to get me through until the next concert. I heard that tickets for the Cape Cod event are sold out but are available directly from the concert site (The ? Tent). Adam should be at his best at the Cape.

    Keep all of us fans in the know.


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  7. Hi Claudia
    Thanks for the fabulous photo’s and vids. I was up in the Mezz level and didn’t realize I really missed so much. I had binoc’s so I could see some stuff and didn’t bring a camera cause I knew people like you would be taking so much better pictures and vids than myself, that I could just absorb all that he had to offer, And in deed he did. Vocal Olympics!
    I too am having withdrawal and will have to go a whole month before I get to see him again. 🙂
    It was nice to see alot of groups getting together to celebrate Adam. I’m just a backround lurker but I can appreciate everything and what everyone is feeling about him.
    He’s my own romance novel come to life!

  8. Hi Claudia – thanks so much for posting. You have the best audio I’ve heard from Foxwoods. I don’t suppose there’s a chance in hell that you have more that you haven’t posted?

    • Unfortunately, no :(. I struggled with that…wanting so much to video, but also wanting to experience some of the concert without any distractions.
      I’m so glad you liked what I was able to capture- please feel free to share with anyone you might think would enjoy it as well.
      Spreadin’ the luv in the name of Adam!! ;))

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