The Great Adommy Debate!!

There has been much discussion and debate concerning fans’ anticipation of an Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff kiss (and/or more!!)  during concerts on Adam’s GlamNation tour. This subject has been almost as popular as Adam’s hair cut a couple of weeks ago! The New York Times even wrote about The Kiss (or was it a lick??) in a concert review at the June 22nd performance at the Nokia Theater:

“The dancers’ choreographed embraces were heterosexual; a later kiss from the bass player was just a quick peck on the shoulder.”

The Times promptly wrote a retraction saying

“A music review on Thursday about a concert at the Nokia Theater on Tuesday night by the singer Adam Lambert referred incorrectly to kissing between Mr. Lambert and his bass player, Tommy Joe Ratliff. During the song “Fever,” they licked each other’s lips; Mr. Ratliff did not merely give Mr. Lambert a quick peck on the shoulder. (He did that later in the show.)”

Here’s a snippet of Fever including The Kiss from the 9:30 Club in Washington DC June  28th:

Some fans CAN”T WAIT for the Adommy action on stage, while others feel the concert should be all about Adam’s talent and the music.

Which side of the debate are you on? Weigh in your thoughts and opinions in the “Leave A Reply” section below!!



P.S. Check out a great concert  synopsis at and an adorable interview from MIX 107.3 at!


18 Responses to “The Great Adommy Debate!!”

  1. Adam always says that he wants to create a full show on his concerts, so there’s never going to be JUST music. Adommy is the sexiest, most romantic, sweet and cute thing EVER. I don’t believe that they’re doing it just for the fans because, even a blind person would see that there’s a lot of chemistry between them!

  2. some1 translate the spanish comment.

  3. I think adam and tommy r perfect 4 each other but me if adam and/or tommy wasn’t biesexual and didn’t wear makeup they would b sexy hope that dont make me werid.And i thought it was cool 2 make a statement about himself being gay.Also i love his song if i had you the music video is awsome 2!!!!

  4. I think they are hot, hot, hot. I find it strange that this is something that I just love but these two, even if they are just playing this for our enjoyment, are just the sexiest thing ever. I hate that it makes anyone uncomfortable but I hope it goes on and on. Never would I have imagined that two guys kissing could make me want to have a cigarette, Ha! Ha!


  6. Warhorsevixen Says:

    Sexy is as sexy does….. BRING THE KISSES, Adommy is the hottest thing to hit the stage in centuries!!!! I was at the Foxwoods show and I know for a fact I was waiting for it with baited breath, BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  7. Adam is just giving us ALL WHAT WE ASKED and Scream FOR…HOTTT SEXXXXIY SALACIOUS FUN!!

    He reads these and listens…Ask and you shall Receive

  8. dawnhark Says:

    Music OR kiss? I pick BOTH!!!

  9. I’m a mature, straight woman who crawls thru videos and blogs hoping to see Adam and Tommy being playful and smootching. Does this make me some kind of weirdo? This, to me, is so hot and I believe to get the effect of hotness, it has to be Adam and Tommy. Don’t really know how it would be if it were to be two different guys. What does eveyone think? Just Adam and Tommy?

    • I agree. I was not a fan of Adam and Drake. But Adam and Tommy burn up the place they are so hot.

    • Just the two of them…

    • I to am a Straight woman and I to think Adam & Tommy are so damm HOT together & it doesnt take anything away from the songs Adam sings I think it makes for a great proformance so yum keep it coming….

  10. Kitana 59 Says:

    Not agreeing about the kissing!

  11. Retrogrrrl Says:

    I can’t get enough I love every sweet second of those smooches. Whether it’s “acting” or not I don’t care, it is HOT HOT HOT!!!Adam knows how to turn on everybody. Keep those glamkisses coming baby!!!

  12. I love it even if they’re fooling around for our entertainment.

  13. I can’t get enough of Adommy! I love them!!

  14. geminis Says:

    Particularmente creo que la ación repetitiva del beso se torna chocante y desagradable,teniendo en cuenta que su público no son todos homosexuales ,en tal sentido creo que él deberia explotar mas su fase de artista.

  15. I think the kiss is playful and cute, and something the fans look forward to. Adam knows this and is playing with us as he always does.

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