Adam Lambert: Never Boring!!

Adam Lambert’s fans have taken some fabulous pictures of him on his Glam Nation tour!! Here are a few of my favorites for your enjoyment!


LoveLightAdam on Twitter has some of the best! Here are a few:

Find more of her photos at  

This next one comes from Shutyourface on Live Journal (OMG, OMG, OMG- THUD!):

Catcherofdreamz on Twipic has some AMAZING shots, including the “Elvis-y” one above:

And one last pic of dancer Shasha Mallory- you go girl (again from catcherofdreamz)!!

I love the following quote from an article written by Brittany Geikan in Lumino magazine:

Adam Lambert is a name that strikes fear in the hearts of boring people everywhere. From his flashy fashion, to his sultry sector of glam rock, entertainment is Lambert’s strong suit. Lumino recently took part in a conference call with Lambert to discuss his upcoming Glam Nation tour and debut CD.

Find the rest of the article at

The Music Fix caught up with Adam in Norfolk, Virginia this week. Here’s their interview:

Chinese HitFM also interviewed Adam. Listen to all five parts at

And in case you’re losing track of all of the events scheduled in Adam’s life (easy to do!!), go here to get your bearings:!

OK, and I can’t resist adding one more Whole Lotta Love from Norfolk courtesy of YouTube’s needacoke!! He’s just so dang cute and sexy all wrapped up into one!! Enjoy!




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  1. buffy522 Says:

    These are so well done! The “Elvis” picture is stunning. All with camera phones? There are so many dedicated fans! Thanks you all for sharing and for Claudia for posting.

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