If I Had You #1 On VH1 Countdown!!

 From MJ’s:

“Congrats to Adam Lambert. The music video for his single, “If I Had You” is #1 on the VH1 countdown this week. He’s the first artist to have 2 #1s on the countdown in 2010. His single, “Whataya Want From Me” also hit the #1 spot. “

Fans all over Twitter and beyond are GOING CRAZY!! So happy and proud for our BB!

And some more good news, according to an article from Apex News Network:

“Adam Lambert’s single is said to have had a sales increase of 59% from last week to this week which has brought the cumulative total of downloads for the single around 55,000.  This makes him the most downloaded artist of all time from the American Idol talent show winners.”

Of course, he is!! Source: http://apexnewsnetwork.com/23971/adam-lambert-and-carrie-underwood-the-most-downloaded-american-idol-artists/.

Adam’s single If I Had You hit Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at #94. More about that here: http://www.examiner.com/x-11363-TV-Examiner~y2010m7d1-American-Idol-Adam-Lamberts-If-I-Had-You-debuts-on-Billboard-Hot-100. Don’t forget to call your local radio stations and request IIHY (and WWFM) at least once a day!! Let’s move our boy up those charts!!!

Happy 4th of July, all my dear readers!! Light some sparklers and throw some glitter in the air for our BB this weekend!!!!




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  1. I love watching vh1 just to see what place adam lamberts songs will be,in my mind he should always be in the top 10 i would love his videos to be be number 1 but we need to give every great artist a chance to be no 1

  2. I just checked Billboard and If I Had You has moved up to # 85

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