Adam Lambert: Just Keeps Gettin’ Better!!

Adam Lambert and his band hit Kansas City July 15th on their Glam Nation tour. Despite some nasty protesters, the concert got rave reviews from press and fans alike! Twitter went berserk with love for our BB, fans never wanting to see him hurt or scorned in any way. It was so touching. This post from Planet Fierce says it all: Nothin’ better than a little controversy to get us GlamFans tighter than we already are!!

The pictures above are from VoodooMe2 on Twitpic. See the rest at

Here’s a fabulous review of the show from Kansas

And if you didn’t know it already, Adam’s For Your Entertainment has now sold one MILLION copies worldwide! Congrats to Adam and his adoring fans for achieving that amazing milestone! Read more about that in an article from Rock Star Weekly: Here’s some more good news about Adam’s If I Had You sales:

And have you been over to Juneau and Xena’s yet? Here’s their latest post ” The artistic imagination of @adamlambert‘s Glam Nation show – “It all makes such beautiful sense now.”

Watch an adorable Adam interview from 97.5 Lansing, Michigan:

And I leave you with this, GlamFans (so accurate it’s scary!!)!




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    this is just too funny!! Because it is SO real!!!!

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