Adam Dazzles Denver!

Adam Lambert’s spaceship landed in Denver July 17th. The day was filled with interviews, meet and greets, the concert, and some lucky fans got autographs by the buses after the show! Enjoy!! 

Go to Suz526’s YouTube page for great videos of Adam Lambert’s concert in Denver July 17th:

Lots of great pics from the concert at (including the one above) and Adam signing at the buses:

Interview with Mix100 Denver (Parts 1 and 2) from Ki55andTell on YouTube. Love the part with “Bikini Boy”! :

You can find audio for all three parts of this interview at

A couple of photo galleries with Adam in Denver: and

And from KWCH12:,0,2974730.story. All I can say is, 10:00 am?? Wimps!!

Here’s a great concert recap (don’t forget to click on the “here” button under Update at the bottom of the article- adorable): Have a great day!!




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  1. Linda DiPierro Says:

    Hi Claudia. Wow, I wish we could have had a meet and greet at his Foxwoods concert. Any chance of a meet and greet at his Staten Island concert? (I wish). Linda

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