Adam Lambert: Fresh!!

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Now, for some of the latest about Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation Tour!!

First, a great concert review from San Francisco:

TALC Vids will be uploading concert videos from the July 25th Glam Nation concert here:

Watch allof SUZ526’s videos from the Warfield in San Francisco at:

Find some amazing concert pics (including the one above) here: and and HEEERE for Adommy pics (including the one above!):

For concert vids from Lincoln, California, go to

Want more Glam Nation concert coverage? Go to MJ’s Big Blog archive:

Finally, a couple of recent (adorable) interviews with Adam:




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  1. buffy522 Says:

    Thanks for the interview. I really wish Idol was off the list of questions. To me, it’s over! And the team Jacob or Edward? Really? Over and over! Let’s get creative DJs. Tour stories, fine. Future plans? Fine. The wig story is great! If they just give Adam a chance, he can make any interview great. Just stop with the stale questions!!

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