Adam Lambert: “It” Boy!!

Mark and Mercedes from Mix 104.1 in Las Vegas interviewed Adam Lambert July 30th! Here’s the link:

This next one was posted on AO- Adam in Switzerland:

And it looks like our BB is the subject of a new episode of  E: True Hollywood Story! Check this out from San Diego (courtesy of sexynarwhal on Twitpic):

Mustthinkagain on Twitpic has some incredible shots of Adam and the band from Adam’s San Diego concert on July 30th (including the one above). Find them here:

Here’s a podcast of an interview on 104.3 San Diego:

If you can’t get enough of Adam’s Glam Nation tour videos, go to for more of the latest!!!

And finally, a “shy” pic of Adam hanging out with his friends on his day off!!




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  1. I love you, these are the best interviews….and what’s more, I feel like crying I love HIM so much…he is the MOST incredible human being/celebrity I know.

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