Glam Groupie!

Hello GlamFans!!

Just got back from an AMAZING week following Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation tour around New England! I met Adam for a SECOND time at a meet and greet in Hyannis before the show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent there. I was able to speak to him for a bit longer this time. He was gracious, kind and patient with me as I gushed and flailed!! More about that in my next post!

But first I want to share some great videos I was able to get at the Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on August 21st. The venue was down and dirty (just the way we like ’em for general admission shows), and I had a spot dead center stage in the second row!! Enjoy!

Ring Of Fire


The last gorgeous minute of Soaked:



And finally, a SPECTACULAR 20th Century Boy!!

UNBELIEVABLE!! Thanks so much to Adam, his band and crew…and to my amazing husband for holding down the fort with love and patience while I indulged in my “groupie tour” this week!! I am truly blessed…

You can find a lot of my tweeted pictures from all three shows at .




3 Responses to “Glam Groupie!”

  1. Hey Claudia – I so enjoyed standing next to you at Hampton Beach – and chatting! Glad I connected with you! Your videos are terrific! I didn’t even notice that you were taping. I loved being directly in front of him! What a rush. I also feel blessed by all the concerts I’ve been at – but Hampton Beach is my standout favorite! Hugs, Susan

  2. Oh my!!! How on earth did you get 2 meet and greets?????? How could someone get so lucky? Please tell…maybe you can enlighten me and teach me something that I could do in the future?

  3. Claudia – Thank you so much for posting your site. I look forward to it every day. I won’t be able to see Adam live, but I never get tired of seeing pix and vids. I’m sure I’m not the only one who really appreciates your Adam news!

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