About Adam Lambert GlamFans Author

My name is Claudia. I’m a housewife and mother who’s discovered the amazing talent of Adam Lambert! From the first time I saw him on American Idol I knew Adam was something special. I saw him live in concert on the American Idol tour in August, 2009, and from that moment on I was hooked! Since then I’ve seen Adam NINE times in concert, and met him twice! Not only is he talented, beautiful and oh-so-sexy,  he’s truly gracious and real.  Because of him I now have an extended “Glamily” (other Adam fans) who support and love each other. Adam brings an an excitement back our lives that we haven’t felt since we were teenagers!

I want to share that excitement with you by bringing you news, updates and information about his music and his life through my blog. Please feel free to contact me with any recent pictures, videos, information you might think others would like to see  or read about Adam on this blog. Enjoy!!




4 Responses to “About Adam Lambert GlamFans Author”

  1. Respect-theGlambulge Says:


    What happened to the WLL video? It’s not there anymore (title still is). Can you get it back?

    • Hi Respect- WordPress says it is still processing the video on my end. Taking way too long. I will work on it later today (but gotta give my hubby some attention this Valentine’s morning)!!! Look for it later- sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for reading!!! Claudia

  2. Maria Morales-Beig Says:

    Hi Claudia. How are you? I have seen your website before but never imagined I would actually meet such an ardent fan, much less one who has created such a fabulous site.

    You handed me your card tonight at the Highline Ballroom. I’m a firm believer that there are no accidents so you handing me your card while all of us were enjoying this fabulous concert was meant to be. Ah yes, friends and family don’t quite get it – but we do (just call ME a Glambert!!! you bet Sistah).

    Can you answer one question – were you able to get autographs? I was not feeling well after standing so long and, regrettably, had to leave. Could you let me know? Thank you and Thank you again for handing me the card. It’s most gratifying to know there are other fans of this gentleman out there who understand!!!! I am more than happy to receive any notices from your site.

    • Hi Maria- It was great meeting you last night! Wasn’t Adam AMAZING??? He’s such an incredible performer- so gratetful I got to see him last night. No one signed autographs after the show. They were all rushed into waiting cars, and the crowd couldn’t get close. Oh well, another time I guess! Hope you are feeling better!

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