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Here’s a link to Yahoo’s Lindsay Parker about it!!!!!!!!!


(And an interview with Adam about “The Finger” from MTV’s Jim Cantiello):




It’s All Coming Together…

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Got my headphones on and Adam Lambert’s beautiful voice is in my head as I listen to his new album For Your Entertainment now streaming live at and at…WOOOOOEEEEEEE (yes, that was me- can’t contain my excitement)!!!!!! 

Adam twatted “Just learned my album is streaming on MySpace! Go check it out!!! Tell me which song is your favorite”

Oh dear God, am I supposed to choose just one?? Impossible!! I’ve already written how I feel about “Whataya Want From Me” (love it of course). As for the rest, from the silky smoothness of  “A Loaded Smile” to the hauntingly majestic “Broken Open”, to the heart-poundingly sexy “Strut” to the Queen inspired sure-fire hit “Music Again”…I could go on and on…I absolutely love  ’em all, Mr. Lambert!! Brilliant, diverse, exciting- can’t, can’t wait to get the mail on the 23rd!!!!!

Adam tweeted yesterday “My band and I on set [he’s currently filming the music video for the single For Your Entertainment] Lisa on keys, Monte on guitar, Tommy on bass, and Longineu on drums. These musicians are the best!!!” Here’s a really cool pic he shared of the band:

Adam also tweeted “Another band shot. Lisa was getting styled and this beautiful extra got in the shot… Look at her abs! JEEZ” 

And although I’ve said it before I’ll say it again: Please, please, please GlamFans, buy this album to support our boy (iTunes, amazon, they all have it). Adam has given us so much pleasure- he deserves much reward in return!!!!

Finally, this article hot off the press from Reuters: . In the article, Adam talks about the AI tour, his new album, and about going on tour next year (you KNOW I’ll be first in line for my (hopefully) front row seat)!!!

BIG Hugs and Kisses,


Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!

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“Subtle, no. Sexy never is. And [Adam] Lambert knows it. Without a warning shot, he fires away with a musical vibe reminiscent of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and teases you all the way up a climatic scale; making you beg for that final release. The carnal connection between master and slave deepens as Lambert becomes one with the song ,and grinds out a vocal invitation, conjuring up that intangible sensation we call ecstasy; a word becoming more and more synonymous with Lambert.” 

Ha! Gotta love it! From Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment written by Jennifer Maurer. Jennifer is a writer from the Chicago area who’s written some great posts about Adam. You can find them at

Also just found Jenniiferrx3’s YouTube channel dedicated to Adam Lambert  and she’s got some great stuff! Here are a few of her newest posts with extended versions of “Pick U Up”, “Sleep Walker” and “If I Had You” off of Adam’s upcoming album For Your Entertainment:

And if you haven’t seen it already, the Adam Lambert Facebook page now has a link to watch the American Music Awards pre show live. Find it at

Happy Friday Hugs!