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Hot Top 8

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , on October 29, 2009 by Claudia

From Details magazine “The Daily Details”, Adam Lambert’s list of top 8 obsessions:detailsoff2

#8- Musical:  Jesus Christ Superstar

#7- Eyeliner: Mac Kohl

#6- Cocktail: Kettle One Vodka Martini , staight up with a twist

#5- Hangover Cure: 5-Hour Energy

#4- Cartoon: X-Men

#3 Condom- Durex

#2 Room Service Meal- Coffee and an omlet, any time of day

#1 Gay Bar- Saint Felix in West Hollywood

You can get even more details about each one of these obsessions by visiting!



It’s All In The Details!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , on October 21, 2009 by Claudia

The Details’s feature on Adam Lambert is here (sans the really hot pics- have to see if I can find them elsewhere!!)! In it, Adam discusses his past, his experiences on the American Idol tour and  a bit about his new album. Here’s an excerpt from the article entitled For the Love of Adam Lambert:

“It’s a testament to the sheer mainstream power of American Idol that a gay man with an unabashed affection for eyeliner and nail polish has emerged from this year’s competition as a new American sex symbol. “I think it’s beautiful,” Lambert says. “That’s the way it should be. It shouldn’t matter what a person’s sexual preference is—it doesn’t change their appeal.””

You can read the entire article at


Also in the mag, you can find Adam’s “Fave Eight” where Adam counts down his favorite obsessions (squeal!):

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Adam On ET!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , on October 19, 2009 by Claudia

Yipee- here’s our boy Adam Lambert on Entertainment Tonight:

More tomorrow!!!



Reviews and Views

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , on October 19, 2009 by Claudia

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Slezak writes a rockin’ review of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” here at There’s a place to weigh in and vote in a poll about the song, too.  So, vote, vote, vote, Glamfans!!!

An interesting review of TFM comes from Ann Powers of the L.A. Times.  The author calls “Time For Miracles” the single that begins this fall’s triumphant ascent of American Idol finalist and hard rock liberator with a swoosh and a band that does Freddie and Steven (with Ann and Jon and Axl) proud.”  Read the entire review here at

There’s more TFM buzz  from MTV at  and from Rolling Stone at .  

Pretty darned cool, I’d say!!!

And finally, although we’re not supposed to officially see the pictures and read article about Adam in Details magazine until it comes out in print, here’s a review by Michelle Collins in Best Week Ever TV. Love her amusing descriptions:



Don’t forget to look for Adam on Entertainment Tonight this evening!




Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , on October 19, 2009 by Claudia

Now you see it, now you don’t. Due to copyright infringement, Details Magazine has asked all sites to take the pics down of its Adam Lambert’s yummy photo shoot until after publication. So we got just a bit of a tease until the mag comes on sale October 23rd, leaving us with a few days of anticipation until we can see the “real thing” !

More later!



I’m Melting!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , on October 17, 2009 by Claudia

OK, so way to whip us straight girls right into an absolute frenzy on a Saturday night! These photos leaked of Adam Lambert in the upcoming issue of Details Magazine are just about as hot as I can stand at the moment.

Adam warned us when he twittered “I’m going to be on the cover of the November issue of Details Magazine. The photoshoot got pretty racy- you all are in for a surprise.” He wasn’t kidding! See for yourself here (but please…brace yourself!)-



Off to take yet another shower!!!