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My Night At The Nokia!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , on June 23, 2010 by Claudia

 I had the pleasure of seeing Adam Lambert live in concert for the 5th time at the Nokia Theater June 22nd!! Rockin’ hot as always, he had the crowd in the palms of his hands. His voice was in absolute top form, despite the teensiest bit of hoarseness between songs!

We arrived at the Nokia at around 4:30pm (yes, it was the day of the show, not 24 hours earlier, like some incredibly dedicated fans)! See MTV’s Jim Cantiello’s article about that: I got the opportunity to meet lots of  Glamberts, all friendly and welcoming as I stopped to chat and hand out business cards and blow-pops (a special shout out to the TALC ladies who stood in line next to my friend and I!)!  If this crazy fan-dom has brought me anything, it’s enabled me to reach out to some really interesting people from around the globe (thanks, Adam!). I also chatted a bit with Fox 5 News’ Ann Craig, who interviewed Adam before the show:

We were all a bit nervous for him, as this was his first tour performance with press invited. Adam hit the stage around 10:10 pm to a frenzied crowd, and did NOT disappoint!! Here are two of my videos from the night.

First, his entrance singing Voodoo:

Later on in the show, Adam sang the AMAZING Fever (a kiss and a lick with Tommy!!):

I took a couple of pictures (including the one above). Check them out below: 

If you use these videos and pictures, please credit

Find lots more (better/watermarked) pictures at the un-watermaked versions at

There are tons of great videos from last night all over YouTube. I’m gonna recommend TALC’s videos at and Adamholic’s at

I’ll be going to MGM Foxwoods tomorrow to see Adam there!! I’m co-hosting the  Glamfest party ahead of time (don’t forget you can donate to our MGM Foxwoods Donors Choose Giving Page in Adam’s honor at, and will be in the front row for this performance! Can!Not!Wait!!




Doin’ His Own Thing

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , , , on February 25, 2010 by Claudia

Here’s an Adam Lambert interview with The Hook on YouTube (thanks Joooory!). It was taped while he was in Canada in late January. Adam talks about his training, fashion and his aspirations for the future:

You can find MJ’s report (including video) on Adam’s appearance on Access Hollywood here:

And a bit of Adam Lambert/Sarah Palin news from Popeater (why am I not surprised by this one??):

From SameSame, an article about Adam goin’ down under:

The following article by Shaun Proulx from Xtra Toronto is a touching piece about Adam and Matthew Shepard’s mom, Judy:

And this one from Perez gave me a chuckle (although I don’t think Bill even comes close!):