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The Reviews Are In: Adam Lambert on GlamericanIdol!

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People Magazine

Adam Lambert appeared as mentor on American Idol Tuesday, April 13 and man, did he knock it out of the park! Honest, constructive, unfiltered, magnificently Elvis-ified, Lambert told ’em like it was, and gave the current Idol contestants the verbal spankin’ they all so deserved. Virtually every news outlet praised Adam for his on-spot critiques and advice.

The media response to Adam’s appearance on American Idol last night has been massive! So get comfortable, GlamFans. Sit back, relax, grab a cuppa whatever, and enjoy the #GlamericanIdol news wave as it washes over us!!!

Hilarious commentary from MTV’s Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever: More hijinks from MTV’s Jim Cantiello (this one had me laughing so hard at the park other moms were looking at me like I was insane!):

From the always lovely Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo Music: Here’s one that made me chuckle (and proud) from Zoiksonline:

Adam responds to remarks made by AI producer Ken Warwick at Here’s another one from EW (also kinda funny):

People Magazine had this to say about the evening: LOVE this quickie from Time:

The Los Angeles Times’ Idol Tracker got the scoop directly from the Glam-horses mouth. Adam reveals his concert tour will start in June- wheee!! And from the grande dame of Adam lovers over at the LA Times, Ann Powers:

More from the NY Daily News: and from Buddy TV (comparing Adam to Elvis!):

From fellow bloggers over at Adam Lambert Official unofficial:

There is more, much more out there. But most of it is repetitive and not very original, so I’ll spare you, GlamFans. If you find anything else that I’ve missed worth printing, let me know. And don’t forget to tune into American Idol tonight on Fox to see Adam perform a song (or two??)!




Adam Lambert Holiday Happenings!

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The holiday season is brimming with good tidings and great joy for all of us Adam Lambert fans! The internet and airways are swelling with goodies- juicy Lambert tidbits, top rankings and Adam-licious sightings!! MJ’s Big Blog reports about Adam’s filming his “Whataya Want From Me” video yesterday. The article includes fan updates, videos, and pictures at

Entertainment Weekly has an article about Adam’s upcoming appearance on Jay Leno tonight, December 21st (includes the hilarious “Fun With Mistletoe” skit). You can find it at

Still more great Adam Lambert news: Adam was ranked No. 3 on the MTV News list of Men of the Year. In People magazine’s edition of “Best and Worst of 2009,” he ranks No. 10 on the list of “Most Googled Celebrities,”  and Adam is ranked No. 8 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of Entertainers of the Year. Whoohoo!!

The steaming hot picture above comes from EW’s newly published article on Mr. Lambert. Enjoy more of the ultra-sexy pics at:,,20312226_20331355,00.html.

Don’t forget to watch our boy on Jay Leno tonight- 10:00 PM EST!!



Adam On Ellen (Part 2)!!!

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Here is Adam Lambert’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres and his performance on the show!!!!

Absolutely beautiful, Adam!!! Thanks for that great performance!! And please, please GlamFans, even if you’ve seen it here, please watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well…she is so supportive of our boy (this was written before the show actually aired)!!!

From VH1’s Daily Motion Super Exclusives, here’s an adorable clip of Adam answering five questions: Hmmm, what would YOUR porn name be???

And finally, here’s Michael Slezak’s deep dive interview with Adam: In-depth and so incredibly well done. Thanks, Michael!!



Adam, Adam and More Adam, Part 2!!

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Steaming (whew!) hottt picture above from USA Today (according to See more pics from this photo shoot at!

More Adam Lambert news:

Want an autograph from Adam Lambert? Enter MTV’s contest at!

Adam was also the subject of MTV’s News quote of the Day. Here’s the quote (referring to his upcoming AMA performance), “It’s gonna be sexy, I think. The wardrobe is amazing. I’m working with 10 dancers that I’m so impressed by. I was looking for a certain sensuality — five guys, five girls and they’re all incredible.”

Here’s a link to an interview with Adam from On the Red Carpet about his current media exposure, his upcoming performance on the AMA’s working with Lady Gaga, his new album, the diversity of his fan base and the prospect of his upcoming tour at

And from Billboard magazine, a great Adam Lambert feature by Ann Donohue including a video of Adam talking about his new album. According to this article, Adam will be appearing on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve With Ryan Seacrest!!! That’s exciting! And the article also reveals that Adam’s will be the closing performance on the AMA’s. at .

Joel Vogel over at the Huffington Post weighs in on Adam’s new album with this great review (he calls it an instant classic!!!):!!!

Don’t forget that Adam will be doing a media blitz this week following the release of For Your Entertainment! He will be on the American Music Awards this Sunday the 22nd, David Letterman and Good Morning America on Wednesday the 25th and has an upcoming appearance on Ellen.



Adam, Adam and More Adam!!

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I had the great pleasure of seeing Kara Dioguardi (American Idol’s newest judge) at a local university last night. She talked about her career as a songwriter and sang (spectacularly, I might add) some of the songs she’s written for major artists including Christina Aguilera, Pink and Ashley Simpson, to name a few. During the Q and A portion, I asked her to tell us about working on the song Strut with Adam Lambert.

She told us that it was interesting going from “judge” to “co-writer” with Adam, and that he could finally be comfortable with her in that new setting (she described herself as a bit goofy!). She said he was really confident, knows what he wants, and that it was a pleasure to work with someone like that. She also told us that Adam has become a good friend, and that he’s a really nice and genuine person. I really enjoyed watching Kara perform!! If she happens to come to your area please make sure to catch her show- definitely worth it!!!

Now, for an Adam news update: Whiteny Pastorek of Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Adam and asked about the whole “OUT” affair. Adam had this to say: “I’m not being puppeted around. I didn’t want to jump onto a gay magazine as my first thing, because I feel like that’s putting myself in a box and limiting myself. It was my desire to stay away from talking about certain political and civil rights issues because I’m not a politician. I’m an entertainer. That is not my area of expertise. I can talk about relationships and personal experiences because as an artist those things involve writing lyrics and that part of my process. But I didn’t feel comfortable talking about the March on Washington. I didn’t feel comfortable, so I asked my publicist to ask the interviewer to stay away from the political questions. I take full responsibility for that.” Read the rest at

Gonna make a part 2 to this post, as it seems I have written a bit too much to all fit here!!!



Cool Reviews

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Some excitingly great reviews of Adam Lambert’s new album For Your Entertainment came my way within the past couple of days!

Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times writes: “The first single and title track from Adam Lambert’s soon-to-be-dropped debut album couldn’t be more of an announcement. “For Your Entertainment” strides into the room, snaps its fingers and declares 2010 the year of Our Gorgeously Airbrushed Overlord.”

Read the rest of her review here at

From Entertainment Weekly, a B+ review (I’ll take it on a freshman album!!):,,20320921,00.html!

From the Associated Press: “Review- Finally a True Idol Emerges in Lambert” at!!

From the Houston Chronicle, “Adam Lambert Provides Fun, Fierce Entertainment” at!!!

And finally, not a review, but very funny…Is Adam ticklish?? An adorable article from MTV’s Jim Cantiello (love him- includes VIDEO of Adam):



Still More Adam Lambert In The News (yay)!

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Here are a couple of links to some upcoming articles on Adam Lambert!

First, TV Guide reports about Adam’s upcoming album. Read the whole story here at Includes hot new pic as well!

Adam also made Entertainment Weekly’s “Must Have” list (at #1 I might add- would we GlamFans expect anything less??)! Check it out here:

And courtesy of Photobucket, a scan of Adam in the upcoming issue of Elle Magazine:

Mwwwah ‘Til Next Time!!