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Adam Lambert’s Zurich Showcase (Plus Some)

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It was a dark and rainy afternoon at a small bar in Zürich,  Switzerland. About 20 lucky fans were serenaded by the beautiful Adam Lambert. Does it get ANY better than that?? Thanks to a couple of those wonderful fans we are able to take a peek into this amazing acoustic showcase (thanks SwissMinion!):

Gotta absolutely love Adam’s banter with the audience in this next one. He had ’em gigglin’ like schoolgirls!! The music changed the mood immediately from silly to sexy- yum!! The band sounded fantastic!

The lovely Broken Open:

No words to sufficiently describe Sleepwalker (thanks, fabulousClaudia):

And Adam’s haunting version of Mad World:

Lots of great pics from the evening (including the one above) at

And please check out these amazing shots (great slideshow w/ many pics from the event):

In other news, here’s Mr. Lambert’s appearance on the 5:19 show (yes, he is the wolf!!):

More news and interviews from Finland: 

Adam applies makeup to a Swedish reporter here (could YOU sit calmly while he was staring you straight in the eye and had his hands on you for that long????):

Finally, if you have not seen the following pictures posted by Glambertize on twitpic, you absolutely MUST:




Oh, If I Had You!!!

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Wallpaper By Essell

 Adam Lambert announced the release of his new single If I Had You May 2nd on Twitter!  The song is destined to become a summer hit (totally blast-able at the beach or in your car on a hot summer day!!).  According to Mr. Lambert himself, they will be shooting the music video in the next couple of weeks.

Check out Adam’s performance of IIHY at Heaven, London on April 26th!

Listen to and vote for If I Had You at (see the post “Adam Lambert X Factor” for other places to request the single.)

Here’s a bit about the IIHY cover photo shoot from the photographer:

Read a limerick about the song from Entertainment Weekly:

MJ’s Big Blog has coverage about the single here:

And in other Adam Lambert news, some video interviews from Finland:

Here is a link to a video interview from Iltalehti Finland:

And an interview from Schleswig-Holsteinischer Germany:

See more wallpapers like the one above at



Adam Lambert Storms Finland!!

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From Mindchnger on Twitter

Adam Lambert arrived in Finland on Saturday, May 1st to a fan flurry! Adam is very popular in Finland, and they showed him a lot of warmth and love!! Here’s a video of Adam at a fan signing at Stockmannilla Mall

You can find a slide show of pictures from the event here: And lots more pictures from Adam Is Da Bomb on twitpic:

MJ’s Big Blog has coverage here:

From Finnish teen magazine Stara, Adam’s arrival at Helsinki Airport (poor baby- so tired, but sooo sweet!): Pictures from his arrival :

A behind the scenes look  at Adam Lambert rehearsing for his appearance on Finland’s The X Factor at Linynah’s YouTube channel: Pretty interesting, something we don’t often see!

Adam Swedish live chat: . Here’s a link to english translation from mmyy9 on twitter (thanks!)

From Energy Radio, Germany (scroll down the page for an interview with some new and unusual questions!):

From Celebrity Looks, a collection of great pictures (thanks, Lambrits, UK):

You can see the luscious pictures from the YRB (Mike Ruiz) photo shoot at

And if you haven’t seen it, a GORGEOUS picture from Brutus Magazine:

Go to to see more!



New Adam Lambert Interviews

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A couple of new Adam Lambert interviews are up on YouTube. The first is a FOUR-PARTER (!) from Gaydar Radio UK from Adam Lambert UK’s YouTube channel:

Find parts two through four at

An interview from Finland posted by peasmom3onTwitter on YouTube:

Picture above from