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He Gives Me Fever!! Adam Lambert Performs At The GLAAD Media Awards

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Adam Lambert performed Fever at the GLAAD Media Awards April 17th. Here’s the YouTube video from GLAAD’s channel. No further words needed. Enjoy!!




Adam Lambert Heats Up GLAAD Awards!

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Adam Lambert ROCKED the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday, April 17th. He sang Music Again and FEVER(!!!), and got a standing ovation at the end of his performance! Here a video of his performance from YouTube’s Libracats (low quality, hopefully I will find a higher quality vid later):

More from Libracats (red carpet) here:

Keep checking (GLAAD’s YouTube channel) for videos of Adam’s performance.

You can find some great pics at Neon Limelight: and from Just Jared: Ninni put together an awesome collection of pics from the evening here: and here:

Radar Online posted a video interview: Here’s another video interview from Zap2It on the red carpet:

More Later!!



Adam Lambert At the GLAAD Media Awards

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Adam Lambert attended the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday, April 17th. Here are some great red carpet pictures from the event courtesy of LightLoveAdam (

God help us from

More to come!



Adam Lambert Makes Me GLAAD News and Updates

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InRock Magazine Japan- from Bani Adam Lambert will appear at the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday, April 17th. The event is being held at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza  2025 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA. According to the GLAAD website, the event starts at 4:30pm and will go till midnight. Here’s their link: It says Black Tie is Optional…can’t wait to see what Adam will be wearing tonight!! There will be a live stream to this event. The link is

After that, Mr. Lambert is (hopefully) off to the UK for a promotional tour. He’ll be performing two shows, one at G.A.Y. ( and the other at Heaven ( Go to for a current, up to date schedule of Adam’s appearances.

In other news, Adam Lambert was named #2 Most Influential Gay American in OUT Magazine’s Power 50 :!

And here are a few must read articles about Adam’s appearance on American Idol: From Adam Lambert Obsession’s blog, a FABULOUS write-up and creative (hilarious) video: And a fabulous consolidated post of reviews about Adam’s appearance on AI: Wow!

The UK’s Alex Duffy from “The Pulse” interviewed Adam (from YouTube)

Find parts two and three at Adamholicholic’s channel at

More pictures and scans from Japan’s InRock Magazine like the one above from Bani at



Adam Lambert: Greetings From Germany!!

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From Papermag

 Adam Lambert arrived in Germany continuing his international PR tour today, March 29th. Adam expressed his, um, displeasure concerning interviewers asking the same questions over and over. Here’s a sampling of Adam’s twats about it: 

“Just did my third German interview where I was told that I have said “I’m the male Lady Gaga”. Lol I would never say that. I’m Adam Lambert” 

 “Of course Im a fan and have the highest respect for her and there some theatrical sensibilities that we share- but we are different people.” 

 “The first question too many reporters ask has to do w GaGa. As much as I love her- it’s becoming tiresome. Would prefer to discuss MY art.” 

“I’m sure she would agree” 

“More redundant questions that can be put to rest: yes it was amazing meeting Madonna. No I wasn’t asked to be Queen’s new frontman. :)” 

“Aaaaand yes, I kissed Kesha. It was fun. I hope future interviewers review these tweets. I’d not, they’re twats. Hahah.” 

“Don’t get me wrong- I actually really enjoy being interviewed. I’m not upset- just hoping that by tweeting, this questions will fade.” 

That said, here’s one of those interview from HIT Radio N1 Germany: 

Ok, eight years of German in high school and college, and I couldn’t understand a damn thing those two interviewers were saying (well barely). Anyway, enough of that. 

Here’s a hhhhot acoustic version of Sleepwalker from Bravo in Munich via YouTube’s “Misscrissiesworld” (with Longineau and Monte- yay!!): 

Next, a couple of state-side articles about our boy. The first is pretty funny from e-online. Then some news about Adam performing at both the GLAAD Media Awards on April 17th and at the “Kiss FM Wango Tango Festival” at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on May 15th: 

The “Glambert For Lambert” contest here: